Friday, July 13, 2012

Family, fires and the Fourth

 We were so happy to have Scott's mom and my mom over for an extended weekend. The kids soaked up their time with their grandmothers and Scott and I did too!
 Every Monday, a family in our ward who own a pool, invite neighbors over to swim. We love that the do this and usually try to go; sometimes we all go and other times, either Scott or I will take the oldest three while the other stays home with the youngest two.

 I love my swim attire! I wear knee length board shorts and a loose swim shirt which is SO comfortable.

 Both my mom and Angela were able to come with us to the pool. My mom stayed with Nora in the shade. Angela took most of the pictures here from the pool.

Early Tuesday morning, the day before the fourth, Scott, both grandmothers, Elisabeth, Charles, Annabelle and Jane went down to Provo for the annual hot air balloon show. This is something Scott does every year with the kids...sometimes I go, and sometimes I stay home, usually depending on the age/stage of our youngest child. This year, Nora and I slept in! They all had a nice time and afterward got donuts from Krispy Kreme :).

 Tuesday afternoon on the way to bring my mom to the airport, we stopped off at a place we'd heard about called City Cakes. They specialize in gluten free and vegan cakes and goodies. Mom and I tried several things: we shared a bowl of macaroni and cheese made from cashews and roasted red bell peppers, we shared a slice of vegan lemon coconut cake, a vegan snickerdoodle and a vegan sugar cookie. They were all delicious! I asked how they got the cake to rise and she said they use 1 Tbsp ground flax seed to three tablespoons water for one egg. So cool! I went home and made a vegan lemon coconut cake myself! Here's the picture of the one I made. It was so yummy! Though it didn't rise as high as normal cakes and it was so moist it didn't hold together well after I took it out of the pan and I had to pat it back together, but then it was fine :). I'll have to experiment a little more. But seriously, SO yummy! And I made it whole wheat and used sucanat instead of refined sugar in the cake. Sweet! Oh except the frosting was made with powdered sugar...I still need to experiment with that.
 We've had a really dry and hot summer here in Utah, no rain in a long time, and because of that, we've had several big fires as well. On my way home from the airport, I saw this:  tons of smoke coming up from the mountains near Alpine, Utah. Many prayers were answered about a day and a half later when the good Lord sent down rains all day long.
 And here are a few pictures from the fourth. Angela left back for North Carolina that morning. In the afternoon we met some friends at the splash park for lunch and then in the evening we met up with one of Scott's old BYU roommates, Curtis, and his family for dinner. We hadn't seen them in years and it was so fun to catch up and meet all their cute kids. We did a few fireworks at their house and then came home and did a few more.

Happy Fourth of July! We feel so blessed to live in such a great country and to enjoy so many freedoms!

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