Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elisabeth is 8!

Here is Elisabeth wearing her new birthday outfit she picked out at Costco on her birthday...we had gone there for lunch and to do some shopping in preparation for her party that evening and she asked if she could pick out a new outfit...I normally wouldn't have agreed but I just couldn't turn her down on her birthday :). She was surprised and SO pleased!

The balloon banner the kids and I put together. They're great at blowing up balloons! You can find the tutorial on how to make these here.

 Last Friday was Elisabeth's 8th birthday! We opened presents at breakfast, one of which was the same cereal I got for my birthday and which she requested. It's a granola cereal we don't normally keep on hand because it's kinda pricey. And honestly, besides puffed wheat and puffed brown rice cereal, we don't keep any other cereals on hand because of all the additives and sugar.

 When our children turn eight, they can choose to be baptized into the church we belong to which is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons. She has been looking forward to this day for a long time and we've decided to make it a tradition to give the children their own set of scriptures on that day with their name engraved on the cover. She said that of all her gifts, this was her favorite.
 Scott bought tickets for him and Elisabeth to see Jon Schmidt (an amazing pianist that she loves) in concert in a couple of weeks time. She's looking forward to their date night together. He also made her a spiritual goal/progress binder where she can keep track of her prayers and scripture study etc. He spent a lot of time on it and it turned out really well. Elisabeth also got some new earrings from us which she'll be able to wear shortly since we've also allowed her to get her ears pierced once she turned 8...she's been looking forward to this for the past year.

Elisabeth had field day on her birthday and it was her last day of school. Afterward, she, Nora and I went to Costco which I mentioned earlier. Scott had Charles, Annabelle and Jane and they went to pick up Grandma Smith and Granny Garnica from the airport who came for a long weekend so they could be here for Elisabeth's baptism and Nora's baby blessing. 

Elisabeth helped me make her birthday invitations. She decided a month before that she wanted to have a color blast party, rather than the dolphin party she had been telling me about all year :). Apparently she got the color blast party idea from an American Girl magazine she checked out from her school's library.

At four thirty that evening, we had Elisabeth's birthday party. She invited 8 girl friends. When they first walked in, we had them start on their craft. They each got to make a colorful flower hair bow.

 I'm glad I had my mom, Angela and my friend Kim there to help because even though the girls were able to do the twisting and some of it on their own, we needed to work the hot glue gun and help them out if they were struggling.

 They turned out really cute. Here is Annabelle wearing her clip.

After the craft, the girls sat around in a circle, we turned on some music and they started to play a type of hot-potato game, and whoever had the object in their hands when the music stopped, handed Elisabeth her gift. Elisabeth got lots of great gifts from her friends; most of which were crafts which are great because they'll give her fun things to work on during her summer break.

After presents came dinner. I was going to do homemade whole wheat pizza dough but instead we opted for whole wheat pita pizzas so that we could just throw them in the microwave or toaster oven instead of having to turn on the oven when our house is already super warm because it's 95 degrees outside. We had lots of colorful toppings: red pepperoni, orange cheese, yellow pepper, green spinach and purple onion. We also had a rainbow fruit tray. Thanks Mom for putting it together!

 After dinner, the girls went out back to play for a few minutes while the adults cleared the table and got ready for cake and ice cream. I'm going to do a separate post on the rainbow cake just in case any of you want to make one some day and would like to know how. The nice thing is that you really don't need any cake decorating skills. Notice that I made all the decorations with construction paper.

Doesn't that look amazing inside?! I have always wanted to try a slice of cake like this, with multiple layers and colors, so the birthday cake she wished for was also a dream come true for me :). 

Even though we cut really thin slices, not one of the children finished their slice of cake, which is a good thing.

 Happy 8th Birthday Elisabeth!!! We sure love you!

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