Saturday, July 7, 2012

Elisabeth's ears pierced

 A couple of years ago Elisabeth told me she didn't ever want to get her ears pierced. 'Wonderful!' I thought. But that tune changed this past year and she's been begging to have them done since school started last summer. I told her she could make that decision once she turned eight. A couple of days after her birthday we had a girls outing with Granny and Grandma: first went to Claire's for the piercing, then to Cafe Rio for lunch and a frozen yogurt place for dessert.

I warned Elisabeth before hand that it would hurt for a minute, maybe similar to a bee sting. After ward she said to me, "Mom, that hurt WAY worse than a bee sting." But she didn't cry! Her eyes welled up with tears, but she held them in and was very brave.

I took the picture above as the lady was doing the very first piercing. I didn't notice until I went back and looked through these pictures, but doesn't it look like Elisabeth is holding on for dear life?! :) We asked her if she wanted to hold one of our hands but she said no. 

She choose some cute little blue flowers

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