Monday, August 19, 2013

On Our Way

After our trip to Washington we had a few days home before we left for Colorado. Scott and I spoke in church that Sunday on moving forward with faith, and our family sang, "families can be together forever", Elisabeth and Charles each did a little solo piece. During those few days we also took pictures with some neighbors/good friends. The first picture is with Julie Wilcox's kids. Julie and I did a babysitting swap during the school year where one week she'd watch my three youngest girls while I went into school to volunteer in the kids classes and the next week I'd watch Julies youngest two boys while she went in to volunteer. It was a perfect fit!

We were lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that had friends for all of our kids. Here are our girls with Sadi and Ashlyn, our next door neighbors.

Just down the street live our friends Maddie and Kennedy.
 Our good friends the Wilcoxes:

Brian holding Nora. She rarely snuggles up to me so I don't get this!

Charles with Benjamin and Brigham. Brigham is Charles' best friend.

Maren and Anna (and baby number 4)
The movers came and packed up all our stuff and weren't going to load until the following day so we stayed a night with our good friends the Ludwigs (Elisa and Mark). Annabelle and Annika are BFF's so they LOVED having  a sleep over which is something my friend Elisa and I would normally not allow so the girls were ecstatic!

Elisabeth and Andrew playing cards

Annabelle, Annika and Noah

Elisa and Elisa :)

We took off for Colorado Wednesday afternoon and were planning on going just four hours to Grand Junction where we would sleep for the night and see one of my roommates from BYU, Jen. Well, an hour and a half into our trip, and nearly to the summit of a mountain, Scott's radiator died, and the hose exploded. He was behind me and had Charles and Jane with him. I was a couple cars ahead and didn't notice so I kept driving and since it was in the mountains, we didn't have cell phone service. About 30 minutes later I got a phone call from a woman who said she'd tried to call me before and left a message, but that she wanted to try me again. We were in and out of service all the time in that area so when she got service and called, I didn't have it so I'm glad she kept trying. Anyway, she gave me the mile markers where Scott was stuck so I quickly flipped a u-turn, pulled over, called the car insurance and had them set up for a tow truck to come meet us and then me and the girls were off to the rescue! I was worried because I was far out, I knew they would be waiting for awhile, it was going to get dark in an hour and I had just driven those mountains and knew there wasn't much space to pull off on the side. So I went really fast, and I was hoping a cop would pull me over and then follow me over and help. I in fact had a cop pass me going the other way, while I was driving like a speed demon and I even waved at him, with really big arms, hoping he'd get the message, but he didn't. Anyway, we made it there in about 20 minutes so they were stranded for almost an hour. When I arrived a guy was trying to strap Scott's truck up to his car to pull him up to the summit where there was a gas station.  We thanked the man and sent him on his way. We got all of us loaded in the van and then drove up to the gas station which is where I asked the tow truck guy to meet me when he called while I was driving like a mad woman :). We only had to wait about 10 minutes before he got there, and in the meantime we had bathroom breaks and grabbed hot dogs and other junk for dinner...I ate a pb&j I had packed. We found a hotel in Price and stayed there while our truck was being worked on in a shop near by. They had to send in for a radiator in SLC so that took some time. We ended up staying two nights and while we were there we were able to take care of some business with renting our home which turned out to be a blessing because once we got to our home in Colorado, we found we don't get cell phone coverage with Sprint so I've been without a phone for over a week and it would've been hard to rent the home and take care of that without a phone. Luckily I was able to cancel my phone service and get a new one through AT&T which works better.

We stayed in Price for two nights, though basically one day. Here we are at the hotel restaurant we became regulars at for the day because kids eat free at every meal :). I'm sure normally they don't lose much money on that discount, but with our family with five children, I'm afraid they did.

Friday morning we got Scott's truck and took off for Grand Junction. We met up with my friend Jen and her family and visited and ate lunch together. We left our truck there to be picked up by an auto transport company who would take the truck the rest of the way....we just weren't sure how it would do over the Rockies and we didn't want to chance it with our having to meet the moving company there the following morning.

They have a really cool climbing tree in the front yard with several rope swings.

Me and Jen

From Grand Junction it's about 4 hours to Denver. I took a picture when we saw the road sign with Denver on it! So excited to finally get there! With our road trip to Washington the week before which was 28-30 hours of driving and then this, we were all road-tripped out!
We stopped over in Lakewood and had dinner with some friends Scott and I knew when we lived in Wymount student family housing at BYU. It was so fun to catch up with them and the kids loved playing in the backyard with their kids. We stayed one more night in a hotel once we got in the Denver area because our home wasn't going to be ready for us until the next morning, which is also when the moving company would arrive with all our stuff.
In our hotels we usually got a room with 2 queens plus a pull-out bed which worked out nicely.
And the hotel usually has some sort of playpen or port-a-crib they can set up.
And now we're here, and we're sleeping in our own beds! Yay! What an adventure!

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Heidi Horne said...

So do you guys sleep on the pull out bed? I was wondering how you do a family of 7 in one hotel room! :-D Good work!