Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Started School!!!

The kids had their first day of school in Colorado this past week. They all seem to enjoy going to school and love their teachers. We took some pictures of the kids on the first day. Here is Miss Annabelle, on her first day of school ever(we never had her in preschool, unless you count what I taught her at home)!

Charles, our handsome second grader.
And Elisabeth, our pretty fourth grader. Her and Annabelle choose matching outfits for the first day of school and we got Charles a shirt with some of the same colors.
I put a picture like the one below on facebook and Scott commented that '42k' is the amount we'll be spending on them before they move out! :) Nice.

And some close up photos of each of our school kids that we took the following day.



And just a few random pictures we took one night of the girls reading before bed in their room. Elisabeth and Annabelle sleep on the bunk bed (Lis top and Annabelle bottom), and Jane sleeps in the toddler bed. It's a nice sized room for them with a vaulted ceiling which makes it feel even bigger. Charles and Nora share the third bedroom.

The girls each wanted to take a picture with Nora, but Nora was not really in the mood. You can see Annabelle on the side trying to make Nora smile for the picture.
It didn't really work. She says, "I'm tired and want to go to bed! I am not posing for anymore pictures!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Charlie is getting SO tall!!! He's almost taller (or is?) than Elisabeth!!