Monday, August 5, 2013

Washington Part 1: Arrival

 We woke up at 245am Friday morning, got the kids up, had them use the bathroom and then we took off for Washington. We left around 330am. We stopped every 3-4 hours or so for gas and bathroom breaks and we stopped for breakfast at McDonalds in Ontario Oregon and the kids picked out a couple of Redbox movies to watch on the drive.
 We arrived at my parents house in Bothell around 5pm. All my siblings were there, and their families.
 The kids were excited to jump on the trampoline and run around.
 My brother Fred and his baby Cora.
 The men on the deck, visiting.

 We had a little water balloon fight that night.

 Jane didn't enjoy it. Her legs get itchy when she's a little wet that was not pleasant.

 Annabelle and Reese are good friends.Fred and Robin's kids are the same age and gender as three of ours which is really fun. Shaun and Charles, Reese and Annabelle and Cora and Nora.

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