Friday, August 23, 2013

Journal Entry, Thursday August 22

This post will be all writing and no pictures, more of a personal journal entry with a lot of random nothings. Sorry if that seems lame but my computer is dying and I'm tired of it crashing and losing pictures and re-uploading them etc., and I kind of feel like just laying everything out there about what's been going on since our move so that's what I'm going to do. But I have ordered a new laptop and it should arrive in a week which will make blogging easier...and maybe I'll get back on track with my whole foods blog which I've seriously neglected for months! 

It's 930pm and Scott is out playing basketball with some guys from church. I'm glad he can get some exercise time in sometimes. The kids are in bed for the night....mostly. Jane peeks her head in every now and then and I redirect her back to bed. My allergies have been flaring up the past few days as have Scott's which make for some rough nights. Nora and Jane both have had some sort of virus this past week. Mostly fevers and feeling lethargic though Nora also had some diarrhea. Nora's illness lasted about 4 days but Jane seemed to have kicked it in about 2. I got a pretty bad sunbrun on my back this past Friday while out at our community pool for 4 hours with the kids one afternoon. It is very large, it almost covers my entire back, and it's been slowly, very slowly healing. The first few days, wearing any type of clothing was killer. It just stung all the time and felt burning hot all the time. I had aloe vera on it constantly but that also meant my clothes would stick to it, even if I let it air dry for a good 30 minutes before putting them back on and then peeling the clothes off my skin was also painful. Now, a week later, I still have some spots that continue to sting and hurt, but it's not nearly as bad and it has started peeling today and it's itching everywhere!

The kids started school this week. Their first day was Monday. They went three days and now they're off for two, doing individual testing with their teachers. The kids seem to enjoy school, even though they didn't know anyone in their classes. Elisabeth and Annabelle each have one LDS kid in their class, though in both cases they are of the opposite sex which isn't as fun for them :). Charles doesn't have any LDS kids in their class that we're aware of. So it feels different to them coming from a class that is mostly LDS. That being said they are making lots of new friends and love their teachers.  This is Anabelle's first ever experience with any type of school (we never send them to preschool mostly because I want them here with me :)), and she has done really well; every day she comes home and tells me that she made new friends though when I ask about them she can't ever remember their names :).

We were fortunate enough to move into a very nice cul-de-sac neighborhood. All of our neighbors seem very kind and we were even lucky enough to move two houses down from an LDS family with four kids around our kids age! Seriously, the chances of that happening were extrememly small considering the amount of Mormons in the area and so that was a little tender mercy from the Lord. Our kids have become fast friends and so that definitely helped their transition. We've also made good friends with the family two houses the other direction who have a 9, 7 and 4 year old. The 9 and 7 year old kids are boys which makes Charles very happy :). They love to play baseball together. Good families and people everywhere! We love it!

Charles and Elisabeth have started piano lessons with a lady who is in our ward and who is very, very good, she has a degree in piano, and is quite a bit more expensive than our last :). I'm excited to see where the kids go from here in piano. Elisabeth is also doing a 3 week mini session of gymnastics. If she loves it we'll let her continue. 

Scott is learning a lot in his new job position and enjoying it. His office is only 8 miles away though it takes a good 20 minutes sometimes more getting to and from because of traffic, which still isn't that bad. I mean, that's why we choose this house was because I didn't want him driving an hour or more each way so this really isn't very bad. Scott and I are usually up around 530am and I'll read while he's getting ready, and then I exercise and he takes off around 645. Right now he's working extra hours trying to make up for the time he lost during our move, but once he does that in the next few weeks here, he'll be able to come home around 4 if he continues to leave for work early.

As for me, I'm just trying to hang in there, slowly getting everything in order. We moved into a smaller rental home than our last home, with three bedrooms instead of 5 but we did that because we knew this would be temporary until we buy a house and we wanted to have as little a monthly payment as possible so we could save more, faster. By the way, I can't remember if I've mentioned this before but we also got our house in Utah rented out.

To my delight and Scott's dismay, we live only about a 7 minute drive from a Costco and a Whole Foods! It makes me so happy! Church is about a ten minute drive so not too bad. The temple is 45 minutes without traffic and a good hour and a half in traffic. We still need to hang most of our pictures, though quite a few of them I'm leaving all packed up in our unfinished basement here because like I mentioned, it's smaller so we don't need as many pictures hanging. I've been spending time doing research on dining tables and sectionals for family rooms since those are two things I want to purchase very soon. Our 6 seater table is just too small for our family and we definitely can't have guests sitting around it comfortably. We can't even have our 7 around it comfortably. And Scott and I have not liked our family room couch for years. All the pillows come off which means they're always all over the place, stacked up into tent like structures or used as punching bags or whatever. I would like to get a sectional that can double as a guest bed since our space is limited. Like I mentioned above, I just ordered a new laptop which meant I did hours of research on that as well. I've met a few people from the ward and they all seem very nice. I'm sure in time I will make some good friends. But it just takes a lot of time for me :). Oh and I forgot to mention my phone trouble. My Sprint cell would not get good reception here. At all. I couldn't make or receive calls from home. It was ridiculous. Thankfully Sprint let me out of my contract without a penalty (though hours of phone conversations that were frustrating because we couldn't hear each other many times, we experienced lots of dropped calls, or I would have to drive somewhere else to talk). And now I have the same type of smart phone but through AT&T and I get much better reception.  So as you can see, not much fun and excitement going on around here, just trying to hang in there and survive all this new-change stuff. I have gone in to get my Colorado license so that was good, though I still need to do emissions on my car and get new plates. We found a new doctor and dentist which I'm happy about. I got a calling in the church. I will be a Sunday school teacher for the youth ages 12 and 13. I've never worked with the youth before so I'm excited, though I guess they're really not a whole lot older than some of my primary kids. Scott doesn't have a calling yet but I'm sure he will soon. I think that's about it for now.


Vanessa said...

Keep hanging in there a little longer. It sounds like you have just about everything lined up, and then before you know it, you will have many dear friends living nearby again.

berrymom said...

I am glad to hear how you are doing. I have been thinking about you.

Shayla Taylor said...

Happy to see you posting again! Sounds like you all are doing GREAT!