Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camping in Vernal: Dinosaur Land

In the end of August, we drove out to Vernal with our friends, the Arkell's, for a camping trip. We stayed one night at a KOA and we all had a really good time. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it because I get motion sick pretty easy and the drive is over 3 hours, but I did okay and didn't throw up until right after we got home! And I felt pretty good while we were there.

We were able to go on a short hike and see fossils in the walls of the rocks there(but we went at the hottest part of the day which was not a very good idea).

Elisabeth, Sara and Evan filled out a booklet there and were able to become 'junior paleontologists' and were awarded with a cute little badge. We also got to visit the dinosaur museum which was really cool. They had lots of big Dinosuars to look at, activities like puzzles and digging for fossils for the little kids, and some really neat and interesting museum artifacts that were fun for us to see and read about.

I love staying at KOA's because they have swimming pools, nice bathrooms, cabins(which the Arkells stayed in, but we camped in our tent), and usually some other sort of activities going on. We got a campsite right next to the Arkell's, so after the kids went to bed at night, we were able to sit around the fire and talk for awhile which was nice. Oh, but one not cool thing that happened was that our double-high-queen-air-mattress got a leak in it during this trip and so in the middle of the night, when Annabelle woke up crying and Scott got up to get her out of the playpen, my bum sunk to the ground. When he did get back on, I couldn't get comfortable and tried to move around a little, but kept rolling in towards Scott. He asked nicely in the night, "Honey, can you just turn on the other side and stay there?" I tried, I really tried, but I couldn't. I just kept rolling into the center and into Scott. Finally I got off the wretched thing and slept next to Elisabeth and Charles on the floor. It was actually a little more comfortable than the deflated air mattress. After a few minutes, Scott took crying Annabelle and they slept in the van. Oh the memories! It makes me laugh. Oh and the men cooked breakfast which was nice! Here are some pictures from our trip. I know this first picture is really blurry, but I wanted to put it up here anyways because at one point we turned on the Hannah Montana cd in Gina's van and had a little dance party, and here they are dancing:


Aunna said...

Great pictures! That's one thing I miss about Utah, all the great things to do outdoors!

April said...

Fun! Congrats on number four! Let me know if I can do anything for you guys.

The Frosts said...

What a fun trip! I just read through your last few posts!! Yay! Congrats on baby #4. I hope you're feeling better soon. I was thinking a few weeks ago that you would be announcing something like this soon. Here's to a speedy, healthy and nonqueasy pregnancy!