Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anne, Hunger Games, Hiding Place

These are the last four books I've read(or listened to).
1. The Hiding Place
Fantastic book about a Christian family in Holland who opens up their home to jews during WW2. This is a true story and it was uplifting and very interesting to read.

2 and 3. Anne of Green Gables and Anne of the Island (1st and 3rd books in the series)
I loved these! I knew I would because I LOVE the first Anne of Green Gables movie. The first movie was just like the first book, but the second movie only had a couple parts in the beginning and in the end that resembled the third book, Anne of the Island. Granted I haven't read the second book yet, but I know what it's about and it's not the second movie at all; if anything the second movie slightly resembles the third book more than any other, but still that was far reaching. Apparently the screenwriter just took a couple of ideas they liked from the second and third book, threw everything else away and made up their own story. Which, after reading the books, I cannot understand at all because the books were way better than that movie! And the third movie, Won't be anything like the latter books either, from what I've read. But anyways, the books are fantastic, so read them!

4. Catching Fire, which is the second book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.
I liked this book. It was very entertaining and mostly clean. But there were a couple of parts that were a little too violent and one part that mentioned a woman stripping down to bare nakedness which I thought was unnecessary and would be really bad if it were in a movie or if someone with a wild imagination were reading it(this woman took off her clothes as an off handed sort of thing because she hated the costume her designer made for her, but there were people around to see. It was just lame and I was mad at the author for putting it in there). But anyways, a pretty good book, and it leaves you excited at the end to see what will happen in the last book, which most likely won't be out for another year.

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