Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Just Serve: running with angels 5k, Garnicas and Romneys for Memorial weekend

We recently had a lesson in church about the Just Serve website so that week for Family Home Evening, we went onto the website as a family and found an area where our whole family could serve: at the Running with Angels 5k where we helped at a water station.
We had to get everyone up early since we had to be there by 630am, but they didn't seem to mind and really enjoyed serving and being there in the racing community. We have all run races in the past so it was fun to be on the other side of things, not the runners, but the volunteers helping. It's good to get a new perspective on things.
We got to ride in one of their golf carts to our water station which the kids thought was a lot of fun.
And the coolest, sweetest thing happened while we were there. I saw Bob Marks as we were working our station! Bob was my boss at the BYU copy center for a few years and we got very close. He was like a second dad; he gave me lots of wise advice into my dating life and life in general, and when I was pregnant and so sick, he took care of me, bringing me food, and mouth wash for when I threw up, and when things were slow, he'd suggest I lay down for a bit and have a quick nap. We exchange Christmas cards each year, but I hadn't seen him in probably close to ten years so it was wonderful seeing him and catching up!

I took this picture on a Sunday afternoon after church when all the kids were in the kitchen baking. And they weren't just baking one thing, we had three different things they were working on: blondies, cookies and a molasses bread. You can tell they are my children :)! 

Here's a shot of Charles with his baseball team, the Philies.
Nora and I went to Scheels to look for some running shoes for me, and we had to take a ride on the ferris wheel. I can't remember the last time I went on a Ferris Wheel! And $1 per person is not bad.
Our Garnica and Romney cousins (my brother and sister's families) came to visit us over Memorial Day weekend! We LOVED it! The cousins are so close in age that they all just adore spending time together. We went to BYU with the Garnica's as soon as they arrived (Romney's came a day later).
We toured Studio C which was a hit.

We saw Steven from Studio C...this is the back of him! :) I also saw Jeremy but the kids were so busy playing with the green screen photo booth that they missed him!

We finished our BYU adventure with a stop at the Creamery for some ice cream. You really can't beat their ice cream prices.
Jane participated in her first grade talent show with several of her friends. They did a tumbling routine which they made up on their own and it was super cute!

Elisabeth finished reading the Book of Mormon for the second time! We are so proud of her and her righteous desires.
Saturday morning was our neighborhoods annual bike parade and breakfast. We hooked all the cousins up with bikes and scooters and went for a stroll around the block. 

Here we are at the breakfast:
This cute girl Ellen was amazing and such a sweetheart. Love that cutie! And notice the Flag in the background? Becca made that for me for my birthday and brought it down! I love it!
Nora and Cora were besties. 

We checked out the new Bluffdale park while they were here. It is HUGE! We love it and have been lots of times since. I love all the paved trails for running :). It's called Wardle regional park.

Annabelle and Jane earned the "leader in me" award at school. Great job girls!
Annabelle joined track with her good friend Annika. Annika's mom, Elisa Ludwig, and I run together sometimes and are close friends, and it's been fun to see the girls running together.

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