Sunday, June 25, 2017

Father's Day, track, Summer activities

Father's Day was the day after Elisabeth's birthday celebration. We made a special breakfast for dad, bacon, waffles and eggs, and for dinner he wanted to use the new grill/smoker we got him for his gift. 
As my dad passed away almost two years ago, today we pulled up some videos and pictures and looked at them together for a bit. 

Me and Scott with our dad's.
Scott grilling the kabobs we put together for dinner.
Jane is our little tumbler and she does gymnastics moves everywhere we go including stores, baseball games, and swimming pools.

Nora thought her goggles half filled with water were hilarious, and so did I!
We invited the Haggins over for FHE one Monday night where Elisabeth and Bella prepared a lesson and then we did smores and played outside for a bit (tossing a ball, girls on trampoline).

Nora and Bella in the pool.

Walking to Walmart one evening around 830pm. We're not late nighters so this unplanned, but Elisabeth needed a gift for a birthday party the following day and it was so beautiful outside that we had to walk.
Jane looks so cute on the piano with her feet dangling off the edge of the seat, no where near the floor.
Annabelle and Annika at their track meet, getting ready for one of their runs...I believe this one was the 400 meter.

Bella making some gluten free brownies for the family. She made these all on her own, which she said was the first time she's done baking completely solo. She did great!

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