Sunday, June 11, 2017

Broken Bracket, End of School

Charles has had his braces on for a few weeks now and we weren't supposed to have another visit until July, but while playing catch with a baseball in the backyard with a neighbor, the ball hit him in the mouth and it broke a bracket off and bent his wire. His gum and lip were bleeding but his teeth were fine, thank goodness! So to the orthodontist we went; luckily they got him right in a fixed it quick and he only missed about an hour of school that morning.  
 And speaking of school, this kids had their last day of school on June 3rd! We had some field day activities that Nora and I helped with (mostly we were spectators as they played kickball, though we did hand out some otter pops). Now the kids are all in swim lessons at an outdoor pool, they all get into their individual classes at the same time which is nice. They have one more week of lessons and then we'll take some time off. Jane and Elisabeth are still attending Jolley's tumbling, Charles' baseball season is nearly finished up and Annabelle is in track so things are still pretty busy. I'm looking forward to July when we won't have swim lessons and when Jolley's takes a month off.

Stacey and Mark go their temple recommends to do baptism for the dead, and Scott and I were happy to join them when they went! It was beautiful and I was able to do some family names which was amazing. Afterward we had dinner at Cubbys. We sure love this cute couple. 

Charles sometimes will go down to the basement with Scott and help him out with projects. Here he was helping with the outlets. 

We thought this was cute, Jane and Nora in the bathroom, and Jane it fixing Nora's hair. 

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