Sunday, June 4, 2017

Braces, Mother's Day

Elisabeth has been working hard at keeping her grades up; she was so excited to get A's all year, and one A- (she actually wasn't happy about the A-, but I think it's still amazing and awesome!)
 Charles got braces in May, and Elisabeth got bottom braces and an expander on top. Next month she'll also get top braces on top. She's getting a cute little gap in between her top teeth from her expander.
We celebrated his braces with In N Out Burger, and Elisabeth wanted Menchies Frozen Yogurt. 

 We found a canopy for our patio table at Walmart for $30 which was the best price I've seen!
Elisabeth made this poster for her Spanish class.

Since the weather warmed up, Nora and I rode bikes with the kids to school a few times. On the way home, we slowed our pace and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors. And I might have been singing "Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way!"Nora didn't like my singing :). 

 Annabelle did a wax museum project for school and she chose to research Emma Watson.
 Nora's date month was April, but we never got around to her date, so May we took her out for Cold Stone ice cream.
 Nora loves to make yogurt pops! And I love the sign above Nora's head, which is completely true.
 Charles had a red crayon in his pocket when he did his got all over all his clothes. You can't tell on the dark stuff, but you can certainly still see it on the white items. Boo. Hopefully he learned his lesson to check pockets and not put crayons in them.
 I found this picture amongst Annabelle's school items.
 The pool opened in the beginning of May so we've been going when we can. It'll be so nice to have in the summer; we'll probably work it into our daily routine: exercise, chores, reading, swim!
 Saturday's we spend the mornings deep cleaning the inside of the house and doing yard work. Charles has gotten pretty good at mowing and edging.
 Here are the girls deep cleaning the bathroom. They've gotten good at that too.
 Elisabeth participated in the Salt Lake piano competition in May. She didn't place, but she played beautifully!
 We try to get together with the Hansen and Wilcox families every month, sometimes on dinner/temple dates, sometimes as a whole family for a game night. This month we went to The Red Iguana Mexican Restaurant in SLC. It was so yummy!
 Scott is working on the electrical this month. He's got a lot of the canned lights in, some on dimmer switches! We're hoping he can finish up all the electrical this month and then start on the plumbing for July.

 Mother's Day! I sure love this kiddos of mine and am grateful I have the opportunity to be their mother.

 I went to Deseret Book last month and picked up multiple copies of the Ensign, one for me and Scott and the three oldest kids so we can start our Cover to Cover challenge which is an idea I got from my friend Lindsay, where we read the conference magazine from cover to cover and then we do something special, probably a dinner date.

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