Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bee swarm, cub camp, swim lessons, sealing, E birthday party

We've put together a Summer schedule that requires the kids to get some physical, mental and spiritual exercise each morning before they get to play. Elisabeth is able to train with the high school cross country team over the summer which is 6 mornings each week, so she's good there, and for the rest of the kids, we either go out for a walk, a bike ride, play a sport or do the trampoline each morning while it's still cool outside. Then we come in and they have some scripture study time, we clean and do chores including practicing their instrument, and then we have an hour of school time in which we read and do other subjects. Bella, my sister's daughter, is here with us for a couple of weeks as Becca is having some back issues right now and will be having surgery, so she joins in on the fun and they all actually quite enjoy doing their morning routine. My elementary kids also recently had their assessment at their new school, American Preparatory Academy, and while their, they gave them each a 'stay sharp over the summer' workbook which also has an hour of school time so we're just switching over to that and using that format which includes 20 minutes of reading, math, science, and keyboarding. I have a feeling I'm going to like this school :). 
Charles pulled out the dishwasher with a little too much force one morning and broke some brackets off the top rack. $10 and 2 days of handwashing dishes later, and he was in the free and clear :). 

I took this one morning while the cross country team was finishing up a practice.
We met Scott for lunch one day at Wheeler farm (the day before Bella arrived) and took pictures with these cool wood carvings. 

One afternoon I dropped Jane off at piano lesson, came home 5 minutes later and there was this huge swarm of bees in front of our house! I was afraid to open the garage, thinking I'd let bees into the house, so I waited outside in the van for a couple of minutes and watched as they began to swarm to one spot on our little maple tree.
Here you can see the ball-like shape they made while thousands gathered to that one spot on the tree.
After doing a quick internet search, I called a local beekeeper who gladly came over that day and picked them up for free. He was fascinating to watch, with his suit, climbing up and shaking them off into a bucket and then putting them into a wooden box. Once he had the queen in the box the rest just all came to her.
Charles finished off his last baseball game. They did well, winning probably over half of the games, and Charles really enjoyed it.
I am the Webelos cub leader so one day last week I went to camp with my Webelos. They are such a good group of boys!

All five of my kids finished up swim lessons during the second week of June and they all improved. Elisabeth and Charles did a freestyle stroke school and the other kiddos were working on basic swim skills.

Rachel(my cousin) and Peter Lassen and their 2 children were sealed in the Provo City Center temple last week. It was such a neat, and sweet experience to be there as witnesses to that special and sacred ceremony.

We celebrated Elisabeth's birthday 10 days early as she has good friends going out of town for various camps and vacations, and since me and the kids will be in Idaho on her birthday and Scott will be in Utah, we just pretended like that day was her actual birthday and did the whole birthday celebration thing! She got a dress, skirt, pants, a couple shirts, waffle stingers and my old fit bit from Scott and I and then both sides of grandparents gave her money to go shopping with, which she did :).
She requested that we rent the clubhouse for her birthday ($25/day which is not bad). The girls swam first, then we came in and ate and did the ice cream cake, then they watched BEauty and the Beast and played some games in the game room.

Since we had the clubhouse rented for the entire day, we cleaned up around 4 and then our friends the Wilcox's and Hansen's came over that night and we had dinner together and let the kids play/watch movies while we visited and played some games. Happy Birthday Elisabeth! We sure love you and are proud of the young woman you are becoming (we have a teen!!!).

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