Sunday, April 2, 2017

Work, Hank Smith, AC Recital, Jane is 7

Costa Vida opened up by our house, about a third of a mile away, so Nora and I went there one day for lunch after a long day of errands. 
 Nora is in love with Poppy from Trolls, so much so that she wants to wear her hair to be like Poppy's some days :). It doesn't stay up this way too long because after a while it hurts her head.
 Our van has been having lots of issues since it hit 100k miles, which means it's been in the shop fairly often. The silver lining is that the weather has turned beautiful over the past few weeks which means Nora and I can walk to a lot of the places we need to go. We've just put some more money into the van for some big fixes and we're hoping it'll last us another year while we continue to save for the next vehicle. And we'll be saying lots of prayers as we drive to Seattle this summer that we make it there and home all in one piece.
Charles has started a little bread making business. He's made several batches over the past couple of weeks and sold 11 loaves now. He's makes a cinnamon whole wheat bread that we love to make into French Toast. It's good for them to work and make their own money, learning to tithe, and starting to save for a mission.  

 The framing in the basement is coming along. We think he'll be done framing in 2 Saturdays. He gets down there a couple of nights a week, but usually only for an hour tops, and then on Saturdays he can spend several hours down there. He is amazing!
 Scott and I and most of the kids (Elisabeth was babysitting for someone in our neighborhood), attended a missionary musical fireside on a Friday night and got to meet Hank Smith! Scott and I had met him before at a marriage retreat in Aspen Grove, but this was the kids first time and he is a celebrity in their eyes.
 Saturday Emily Call and I took our webelos for a 3 mile hike on the Jordan River Trail. They all did great!
 March is Jane's date night month with mom and dad and she chose Kneaders for dinner and dessert.
Annabelle and Charles had their Spring Piano recital and both did well. 

 I took a picture of the menu last week because Scott walked by and added "meatballs" to the spaghetti on Saturday, and then Annabelle quickly inserted 'real' before meatballs. I guess they didn't love my lentil 'meatballs'. The joys of living with a vegetarian !
 Jane started tumbling at Jolley's in November of this year and she is already doing back hand springs! We've known for the past year or two that she was strong and fast and she was always doing cartwheels and one handed cartwheels around the house, even at age 4 so we figured she'd be good at tumbling, but we have still been amazed and surprised at all she's been doing so fast.
 Here is a picture update of Nora's toe. This is the toe nail that fell off when at a friends house. It's looking a lot better but is still pretty gross.
We had been looking at patio furniture at Costco and RC Willey and I figured I'd need to spend around $800 for a table with 6 chairs, but then I came across this cast iron set on KSL (used) and we snatched it up for $270 with delivery! I think we'll add an umbrella to it one day. 

 Jane turned 7 this month and she had a Moana party with her friends at our clubhouse. This is the cake I made. Two tier, the top is a white chocolate raspberry cake (amazing!) and the bottom is a chocolate cake. We frosted it in a blue butter cream, added some piping gel to make it look like shiny water, graham cracker crumbs on top for the beach, added some buttercream flowers and grass, hazlenut cookie sticks for 'logs' and then added a Moana and Hey hey figurines along with the black and white picture of maui that we colored in, laminated and then attached a kabob stick to the back.
 We found these party favors at the Dollar Tree. The gum and the flower Lei's came in packs of 3-4 so it was pretty inexpensive.

 We watched Moana in the clubhouse theater, and the girls played some arcade games, we had cake and ice cream and fruit and colored some Moana pictures.
 The next few pictures were taken on Jane's actual birthday. She requested a donut and cereal for the family for breakfast.
 We got her a new gymnastics suit and some clothes.
 She picked out these ankle boots from Granny. Oh and since her birthday was on a Sunday, I got Cafe Rio for lunch the Friday before and brought it to her and we ate together in her school cafeteria.
 Nora is doing really well with her reading! She's around lesson 80 now from her book and she's got a lot of sight words down as well. It's amazing what a difference 15 minutes a day (weekdays) can make.

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