Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beginning of April

We are busy, busy right now with all the recitals that have been thrown on top of our normally busy schedule of lessons and practices. I'm looking forward to a slower paced summer with more time at home. 

Currently we have 3 kids in piano(Elisabeth, Annabelle and Jane) and Charles just switched from piano to guitar. So four private music lessons a week, plus all the daily practice that goes with it. Also, Elisabeth and Jane are in tumbling, Annabelle and Nora were in dance but actually just finished up last week, and Charles is in baseball. We also have scouts for Charles, Young Women's for Elisabeth, Activity Days for Annabelle, and I am a cub scout leader. Basically every night of the week, except Saturday and Sunday, we've got things going on, and usually multiple things. Yes, I am definitely looking forward to a slower Summer. 

I've never wanted to be one of those parents that fills their kids schedule with all sorts of extracurricular activities; I want them to have free time and time at home with us, and they do, but because we have 5 kids, even if we say, 'one private music lesson and something else (like sport or sewing class etc)" that ends up being 10 things in a week! And we don't make them include scouts, yw or activity days in their 'something else'. This is a phase of life, just like all the others we've passed through thus far, and I'm grateful to the Lord for the energy and strength, and past experiences that have prepared me for this time where I need to do more and be more for my growing family. 

And speaking of doing more and being given strength, I have a half marathon coming up next week and I've been doing the Hansons Training Plan that my sister-in-law told me about (just found it online), which means I'm running 6 days a week, 2 faster, harder workouts, 1 long run, and then a few easier and slower runs.
It's been really good, and I can tell I've gotten stronger and faster but I'm also getting more tired and need more sleep at night and that what I eat really matters especially the night before one of my either faster or longer run days. I am sure loving bananas these days and I never really did before. Here's a shot of one of my tempo runs, which basically means I'm running at my race pace. I did seven miles that morning at an 8:14 average pace. I actually am hoping to run my race at an 8 minute pace, and I have gotten a tempo run faster than this, but it'll be close on race day.

It may be hard to tell from this picture, but I am sopping wet. That's 14 miles of running in the nonstop rain. The visor may look pointless but it kept rain from falling directly on my face. This was my first time running 14 miles! Woot woot! And being a Seattle native, I'm not afraid to run in the rain...we did everything in the rain. 

This is a text that was shared between me and my sister-in-law who is a good runner and has given me lots of good advice and help throughout my training. My text is in the green. 

 Speaking of doing hard things, our little Nora is on lesson 88 or so from her book 'how to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons'. We started this book a few months ago and she's doing awesome!
We've also put some sight words on our kitchen wall that she's been working on. The ones on the left she's got down, the ones on the right we're currently working on, and the ones above we haven't gotten to just yet. This girl will be ready for kindergarten, and just on about 15 minutes a day of work! Nice Nora!

 I LOVE general conference weekend! We love listening to the uplifting words of our living prophet and apostles from the comfort of our own home (or from the conference center if we get to go; tickets are free, you just have to be lucky enough to get some). Saturday we mostly listened to conference while we ate fun foods and played games and Scott listened in the basement as he framed :).

 Saturday afternoon, Annabelle and I were able to go to the conference center with Stacy and Mark Haggin and the missionaries for a session (thank you Stacey for the tickets).

 I was able to go on a field trip with Elisabeth this month which I think was my first time joining her on one of these. When you're the oldest with four younger siblings, it's harder for mom to leave for an outing. But now that it's just me and Nora at home, and Nora is 5 this month and more independent, I was able to leave her with Lindsay Geilman, a good friend, which was so nice.

 Stephen and Marie came out for a visit from CO, and stayed with us for a week. They've been out three years in a row so their visits may be a yearly tradition. Stephen and Marie are not LDS, but they have done some humanitarian work with their church, so Marie and I and our littles went on a tour of the Humanitarian Center and Welfare Square in Salt Lake City. I am amazed by all the good works!

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