Sunday, March 12, 2017

Half Marathon Training, Marks Baptism

Friday, Annabelle and I made CTR and Temple sugar cookies for Mark Haggins baptism which was the following day. It was nice to have Annabelle's help and company as we rolled out dough and decorated the cookies; Jane and Nora also helped cut out a couple of the cookies from the dough. 
 I didn't have any big, nice serving platters so I used my large pizza pans and covered them with foil (since they were pretty marked up).
 That same day, Nora was carried home by a neighbor because she had injured her toe while playing on a moving teeter totter while at their house. She had gone their with shoes, but then had taken them off before this happened. I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the majority of her toe nail was removed; it's pretty gruesome and we have to change the bandages multiple times a day right now.
 Friday night, Scott and Charles went camping with the 11 year old scout group and so the girls had a movie night and then danced for a bit after. Elisabeth and Annabelle had friends come over, and we watched Trolls and ate pizza, popcorn and treats :).
 I signed up for a couple of half marathons over this Spring/Summer and my first one will be the first week of May which means I am currently increasing my mileage. I'm following a training plan my sister-in-law Robin sent to me which has me running 6 days a week (though most weeks I only run 5 days and on my day off I do yoga) I am also lifting weights twice a week and I go to a Zumba class on Tuesdays. I lift on the day that I do intervals, or speed training, because it only takes me about 1/2 hour. Most of the other run days I run 6 miles, one tempo (race pace) run, and the others at a minute slower pace, plus a long run on Saturday(also slower pace) which has been 10 miles for the last 2 weeks and even though the training only has me go up to 12 miles, I think I'll do one run that's over 13. Here is my stats from my last Saturday run.
 After my long Saturday run I quickly got ready in my church clothes and dashed Elisabeth off to gymnastics, and straight from gymnastics we went over to the church for Mark's 11am baptism service. This is Mark with his missionaries. It has been such a privilege and a blessing for Scott and I to be able to be with Stacey and Mark each week in their home, with the missionaries as they received the missionary discussions. I met Stacey months ago when I was a new move-in and was asked to visit teach her. At that time, they didn't know anything about Stacey and her family except that she was also a new move-in and that she was not active. Elisabeth and I went over (after a lot of prayer), and met Stacey and we became fast friends. She came to book club with me, and to a relief society dinner and then to church and then started having the missionary discussions and her husband, who is not a member, joined in and it's been amazing. There is A LOT more to their story, which I have recorded in my personal journal, but we'll leave it here at that.
 Here are Mark and Stacey. We sure love them!
 My kids were able to sing at the baptism, along with Becca Blacks kids (our Relief Society president, who has also been at all of the missionary discussions), Elisabeth played prelude and played during the kids musical number, I was the chorister and Scott gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Mark had a couple of good friends who are also members of the LDS church who flew in from Alaska and one baptized him and the other gave a talk on baptism. It was a beautiful service and a day full of love and peace and happiness.

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