Wednesday, March 8, 2017

First week of March

This is what our monthly calendar looks like as a blank slate, and by blank slate I mean, we leave the items on the calendar that are the same every month, and then once the extras are cleared, this is what we have, and then I fill in the other items like recitals, dates, birthdays, games, hikes, temple trips, special events etc. I cannot function well without both my monthly dry-erase board calendar and also my phone calendar which is regularly sending me reminders. And since I got my smart Garmin for Christmas which is connected to my phone, I also get those reminders buzzing in on my wrist, which I love and need! 
Remember our nice mudroom that Scott and I made this year? This is what it looks like right after the kids get home from school. I need to be better about making them put it away nicely EVERY time. Yep, nagging mom here. But I'll do it with a smile and a cheerful voice :). 

This is my bookclub group, minus several women. I have been attending this book club regularly since 2007, minus my 2 years in CO, and I sure love these women and I love that we have read so many good and uplifting books together. It's nice to find friends with whom you can discuss and share uplifting ideas.
We ordered our lumber for the basement and it was delivered on a Friday morning, so before the kids took off for school, we had everyone help bring it around the back, and pass it through the basement window and on to dad.
Here are some before pictures of the basement:
This will be a bathroom on the left, and a small guest room on the right.
Where the lumber is stacked will be a larger family room with a large screen and a game table of some sort and probably a counter.

Over here we'll have a small utility closet and a gym! We are both super excited about having a gym in our home! The winters here are very cold, snowy and they last several months, so it'll be nice to have a space where we can have gym equipment and room to do our thing each morning.
Nora is on lesson 76 from her "how to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons' book. She is doing amazing! Reading is really starting to click which is wonderful and I've loved seeing her huge leaps of progress over these past few months. 

I took this picture of Annabelle in her jazz dance class. The class is not very big for the 12 girls they have packed in there, but she still loves it. 

Elisabeth had a recital this month, and it was different from all her other recitals. This month they honored Marshall McDonald whose children also play for Bridget, and he himself has published many books of arrangements and has done arrangements for the Piano Guys. Bridget also invited family members who play other instruments to participate in this recital which was fun. Normally her recitals are under an hour, but this one was over an hour and a half.

Elisabeth played Abide with Me.
Sorry for the sideways picture. Just wanted to show that I've started upping my long runs again. I had been pretty consistent at 6 miles during the winter for long runs, but I'm up to 10 again. I will be doing the Provo Half in the beginning of May, and then Scott and I will do the Bryce Canyon Half in July.
Sweet Mark Haggin came over Saturday to help Scott in the basement. They got most of the floor framing laid. By the way, he is getting baptized this Saturday! We are so happy for him and his family! 

And here are Scott and I at the Mt Timpanogos temple for a Saturday date. This was my first time going to this temple, Scott's second time, and we loved it. We went with our ward and there were only a few other people that came, the Davis' and Andy Watson, so afterward we grabbed some dinner with the Davis' at an Indian restaurant(Andy needed to get home to his family). Lovely evening!

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