Monday, March 6, 2017

End of February

I made each of the kids their own Chatbooks from pictures on my iphone. Then I set up a 'series' on Chatbooks for each child, so that whenever I have 60 pictures of each child on Instagram(it keeps track using my hashtags, like #Elisabethdorothy) then it'll automatically print off a Chatbook and send it to me. The kids were excited to have their own books. 
 Elisabeth was nominated to be one of the Eagle of the quarters at her junior high. Only a few people from each grade are chosen (I think it's based off student and teacher recommendations) so to even be a nominee was nice.
Jane started tumbling in November this school year and she is LOVING it! She rarely walks anywhere anymore, but rather does cartwheels and front and back walkovers in place of walking. And she is flexible! 

 Nora wants to tumble someday too.
 Elisabeth is taking Spanish at the junior high and a few weeks ago our house was covered with little strips of paper labeling common household items, in spanish. This week, I noticed our weekly menu was changed to being written partially in spanish :).
 I loved this card that Nora made for Annabelle for her birthday. Nora has come a long way this year with her reading and writing!
 Scott changed out our old, rusted and leaky kitchen faucet for this new one. Grateful to have a handy husband.

 Elisabeth, Maddie and Abby attended STEM at BYU one Saturday. It went from 9-12 and they participated in all sorts of experiments and then they ended their time there with lunch at the Wilkinson Center food court. I dropped them off in the morning, they each brought money and a phone, and then Maddie's dad picked them up at the end. They are getting so old!
Saturday Scott and I went to the SLC temple to do sealings. 

 Afterward, around 730pm, we stopped at Red Iguana for dinner, but when they told us we'd have to wait for 1 1/2 -2 hours, we got it to go and ate at home. It was delicious!
Many Sundays Scott will make puffed wheat cereal. We love it and here is Nora helping him out :). 

 Charles learned to tie his own tie by watching some DIY videos on youtube! Sunday mornings are busy, trying to get all the girls hair fixed nice, so it's nice that he can now take care of this on his own.
 February is Annabelle's date month and she requested Sweet Tomatoes. But, we found out it was permanently closed! So she settled on Chuckarama, another buffet. Buffets can be dangerous; I had too many treats :).

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