Monday, February 27, 2017

Valentine's, Annabelle is 9!

We only have one Valentine's tradition that we are faithful about keeping from year to year and that is our love letters. Scott and I started this tradition a long time ago where each of us writes a love letter to each member of the family, and we try to be specific with a memory of love from that year. As the children have gotten older, some of them have begun to reciprocate and so Scott and I get several love letters as well (from each other and from the children). I LOVE this tradition! At the end of the day, I collect all of the love letters and put them in a special box under my bed for safekeeping. The plan is that when they turn 18, or are moving out, I will put them into a book for them to keep. 
 I'm always reading something, but unfortunately, I never have as much time as I need for the books I want to read so I end up with stacks of books around the house. I just finished Creating Health, the book on top, which was a book given to me by my mom some time ago, and which I finally picked up and loved. Thanks mom! And right now I'm actually reading a book not pictured called Outliers (also non fiction, for my bookclub).
I had my Webelos over for scouts the day after Valentine's, so I decided to make sugar cookies for them and my kids, and then they also decorated a large cookie for their parents, and wrote a love note to their parents, telling them what they love about them. We did this as part of the Duty to God in action, service for family requirement.

Valentine's day was on a Tuesday, which is our busiest day of the week because we have four extracurricular activities on Tuesday, but Scott and I worked together and we were still able to make a heart shaped pizza for dinner (I made the dough in the morning and he rolled it out and baked it so we could have it once Elisabeth and I got back from piano).
Annabelle turned 9 on Thursday February 16th, and as per tradition, she opened her gifts in the morning and had a special breakfast...she requested cereal.
Annabelle loves chips and salsa, so we got her, her very own bag and jar! She also got some new clothes from Stacey and Mark, new boots, a water back pack, a watch from Gran, and cash from Grandma and Grandpa.

After school that day, we went to a good friends house where they were having a birthday party for their daughter Saige, and they brought in different animals for the kids to pet which they all thought was neat. After, we went home and had a birthday dinner with Annabelle. She choose enchiladas, rice and beans and we all went around the table and said something we love about our Annabelle. Happy Birthday Annabelle! We are sure grateful to have such a  sweet, loving, kind, optimistic girl in our family.

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