Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Seattle, Annabelle's sewing class

Over Presidents Day weekend, I flew out to Seattle to stay with my mom for a few days. My kids had school off and Scott was able to work a little from home and take some time off, so they could play and have some special time together. 

I loved having some special time with mom. We did a lot of visiting and we got to eat some good foods. After I arrived we went to an Indian buffet for lunch which was delicious. 
We were also able to attend a healthy eating cooking class at the hospital which was so fun, and we went to the Seattle Center on Saturday and got lunch at the food court where we ate rice bowls with lentils, tempeh, sauteed mushrooms and veggies etc. 
Mom moved a couple of months ago, and so I was able to see her new place for the first time. It's perfect for her, in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with everything she needs on one floor. 

Angelo came with us to the seattle center, and afterward we went to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation center and saw all the neat projects they are working on.
It was a quick visit, I can't be away long with my busy family and the ages of the kids right now, but I felt like this was the perfect amount of time. Thanks mom for letting me come stay with you for a bit!
Annabelle is taking sewing lessons every Tuesday in February and so far she has made a pillowcase and a drawstring bag. She absolutely loves sewing. The class started out rough (just the first day), with too many girls and only one adult, who is not in good condition physically and so had a rough time with the girls, but after that first day, they got in extra help for her and since then, Annabelle has loved going.

I took this picture of the kitchen floor I swept after I got back from my trip to Seattle...looks like the kids weren't on top of their chores while mom was away :). They had lots of fun with dad though, which was nice for all of them, swimming, shopping, eating out, watching movies etc.

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