Monday, February 6, 2017

New Testament reading complete, Sprouts, Trampoline, U of U gymnastics

Once Elisabeth finished reading the Book of Mormon last year, she decided the New Testament would be next and she finished it last week! We've told the children that when they finish a book of scripture they get to go on a dinner date with mom and dad so this weekend Elisabeth choose Cafe Rio for dinner. We like to do a dinner date because it's a good setting for us to not only celebrate, but also to talk with her about things she learned, things she liked reading or things that might have been confusing to understand. 
Most every Wednesday Nora and I shop at Sprouts because it's their Double Ad day which means they honor the sales from last week as well as the upcoming week so there are lots of good prices. And their produce(and large bulk section with tons of grains and some treats) is always fantastic and a great price which is the majority of what I buy, so it's a fabulous place to shop any day of the week. 
 The temperature has warmed this week and the snow melted enough over the past few days that we were finally able to go out on a Saturday morning and set up the trampoline that the kids grandparents (both sets) got them for Christmas! Scott and Charles did the majority of the work.
 The girls and I were their moral support and we did help when they accidentally put the net on inside out which meant we had to take off the pad, take off all the springs, turn it the right way, and put the springs back on. This was particularly frustrating to Scott who read the instruction manual, and found that their was nothing in the instructions about which way the net should face. So we made sure to help lots and smile and say, "it's okay, we'll help and we'll have it fixed in no time!" And we did. With five hands busy at work, we had the problem remedied in half hour, maybe less.

 That afternoon we went to University of Utah (our first time there) for a gymnastics meet that we got free tickets for. Yes we are BYU fans, we attended BYU and we met there, but just because I love one school does not mean that I don't like another, even if it is a rival.  The girls and I were thrilled to witness our first ever live, collegiate gymnastics meet!
The boys on the other hand, were less than thrilled, but they took one for the team. It's called compromise and we do this a lot in marriage and in families and with loved ones...sometimes we(the girls) attend other sports events with the boys or watch them on TV, even though we'd rather be doing something else. And isn't it wonderful that we get an opportunity to do something selfless? It builds character. Scott may, or may not have taken a little siesta. I sure love this good man!

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