Sunday, February 26, 2017

Monster Cookies, Superhero Cub Pack Meeting, Annabelle's Birthday

Charles and Elisabeth shared their testimonies of the Savior at our last Fast and Testimony meeting, and as soon as Charles sat back down he whispered something like, "Could we make a special treat today since I shared my testimony?" I was happy to oblige. So we made monster cookies! Everyone got one cookie (which was probably the equivalent of 4 cookies), and everyone put whatever kind of chips they wanted in their cookie, as long as we had it on hand. 

Charles felt the need to single me out, and leave this note on his cookie (it made me smile):
Elisabeth likes to take a lot of selfies with my phone. So do most of my girls.

The kids have been enjoying the trampoline, and most days, when they get home from school, they grab a snack and run outside to jump.
I am the Webelo leader in cub scouts and we had our Blue and Gold banquet this month. We decided on a superhero theme and these are some of the decorations that Emily, Laura and I put together: (blue background made from 2 plastic tablecloths, black butcher paper, and yellow post-it notes)

These were our center pieces. They are attached to a skewer and standing in a small mason jar, which we then wrapped in a piece of gift wrapping paper with a ribbon.

Annabelle has a birthday each February, and she decided she wanted to go to Airborne this year with her friend Annika. So I took them and sat and read a book while they jumped, and after we got pizzas and came home and ate, watched Trolls and then had strawberry cake.

Sunday we invited a family over for dinner and Charles helped me make these Broccoli Cheddar Rolls which were amazing!
Sunday afternoon the kids took a jumprope out back and played double dutch. When they asked earlier about various activities and if they'd be okay for Sunday, I told them that whatever activity they choose, should be able to be done in a dress...I guess they think double dutch would be fine in a dress :).

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