Monday, December 19, 2016

Tumbling and School Christmas Performance

We learned a new game in scouts a couple of months ago called, "land, sea, air". We've enjoyed playing this at home with the kids; and I think you could do it holiday style by changing those words to holiday words. 
 Nora and I went to the post office one morning last week to mail a package and the line was ginormous! We waited in line for 40 minutes. Nora did great and entertained herself by climbing on ledges, talking to babies and wandering the room. Note to self: next year, only send packages through online sources like Amazon.
 Jane had her first tumbling recital this past week and she did fabulous.

 Annabelle had a school Christmas performance this week called How to Train Your Reindeer.
It was fun to hear the songs they've been working on and watch her dance. 
 Charles attended his first court of honor this week through scouts (since he recently moved up from cub scouts to boy scouts in the 11-year-old scout group).

This year we've made poppy seed bread and chex mix as gifts for neighbors and teachers, which are a couple of our favorites and a little healthier than some other holiday foods, so we've been able to enjoy them as well. We sweetened the poppy seed bread with honey and there's some applesauce as well. 

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