Monday, December 5, 2016

Snow, #LIGHTtheWORLD, running board

It snowed last week and stuck around for a day so Charles was out shoveling and building. Though the snow didn't last long, the temperatures dropped and have stayed freezing cold. Scott and I went for a long run Saturday afternoon and when we got home, even though I wore long pants, it looked like I got a sunburn on my thighs for probably an hour after I was back. Brr!
 Beginning December first, our church is doing a #LIGHTtheWorld advent calendar where each day of December you do something to follow the savior's example. They have a calendar with ideas which has been helpful. So far we've done service, honored our parents (by calling or listening and responding right away), going to church, pointing out a virtue in someone else, and praying for someone who is sick. I love this and I hope we do this each year. What a great way to honor and truly celebrate our Savior!
 I hung my 'running medals' board on the wall this week and I love it! Thanks Becca!

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