Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dance and Piano Recital, Cubs Caroling, Class Christmas Party

Nora is in two dance classes (tap and ballet) with a couple of her friends from our old neighborhood, Evy and Anna. 

 Annabelle takes jazz from the same studio so they had their Christmas recital together. Poor Annabelle's class couldn't get their music to work so they ended up performing their number to counting out loud with no music, but it was still good.

Elisabeth had her Christmas piano recital the Tuesday before Christmas. Stacey Haggin, our neighbor and good friend, met me there (Scott and I rarely go together to her recitals because children under the age of 6 are not allowed so someone has to stay with the littles). She played O Holy Night and did a beautiful job. She also played this number again on Christmas for our sacrament meeting program...and she played it the Sunday before for her Young Women's group when they asked her to do a musical number. 

Here is the video I took. Sorry if it's a little shakey; note to self: next year do not lift arm weights the same day I have to hold my phone camera steady for a 4 1/2 minute video of Elisabeth. 

Elisabeth and Sara performed a duet to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It was so fun having them play together as we've known Sara since she was a baby.
Here they are at our house practicing the number(you can tell they both come from large families as they're unphased by all the distractions and noise around them caused by their siblings):

 I'm the webelo leader and all the cubs went caroling at a senior care center which is always neat.
 I am the room mom for Charles' class so I put together a Christmas party on their last day of school, Wednesday the 22nd. We had a craft, we played Christmas pictionary, bingo and matching, and we did a book exchange to the Night Before Christmas story with a bunch of 'rights' and lefts' thrown in there so they could pass their books around.

December was a crazy busy month with SO many activities, but once we got to a couple of days before Christmas, things really slowed down which was nice and we were able to enjoy our time with grandparents (more to come in the next post) and Christmas with the family.

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