Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving in Idaho with Romney's

I love that my sister moved to Idaho last year. Having her closer (only 5 hour drive instead of 14) has been awesome and it seems like we get together every other month, switching off houses. Since they came out last month when they had a couple of days off of school, it was our turn to head out there and so we decided that, weather permitting, we would drive out for Thanksgiving. The weather was perfect so we drove out there Wednesday morning and arrived at their house in the afternoon. 
Becca has a salon at her house so several of the girls asked if she'd cut, or just wash their hair. Apparently it's cool to get your hair washed in the fancy sink 😉. Annabelle got a cut and Jane and Nora had her was and style their hair. 

 Becca and I did some food prep Wednesday, mostly pies, and then we did the rest on Thursday. Scott did the turkey which was eaten by just a couple of people since Becca's family is vegan, I'm vegetarian and a couple of my girls don't like most meats. But that was okay because Scott got to take home leftovers.
Here's the pecan pie I made...and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who ate it. Two of my kids tried a piece but didn't like it. A couple of days after Thanksgiving I threw the leftover pie in the freezer...we will find out soon if pecan pie can be frozen. 

I made a vegan and gluten-free chocolate pie that everyone seemed to enjoy (I don't eat chocolate so I can't tell for myself). 

 Thanksgiving day while we waited for the food to be ready, the kids made turkeys out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper. They also played on the trampoline, ping pong table, Wii etc.
This was the first time we made stuffing from scratch, using a loaf of french bread. It was amazing and I hope never to go back to the packaged stuff. 

 Friday morning, while Becca and Blake were on a walk, we took the kids to the back yard and did a little leaf-racking service project for them. It felt good to get the kids outside and working after all their play. (we accidentally left their piano books at home so they didn't practice piano much; elisabeth did christmas hymns from their hymnbook one day but that was about it).
 I loved my sister time with Becca. We visited, exercised, cooked and shopped together.
 Someone brought Becca a bunch of wood pallets while I was there (she's crafty), and she helped me make a board to display our running medals and bibs (okay, she made it, I just bought the hooks/hardware I needed). It turned out great! I'll post a picture of the finished product soon.
Scott and I listened to this audio book, Endurance, on our drive. It's a true story about a group of people in 1915, that tried to sail to Antartica with a team of people and dogs, to walk across the continent. Even though they didn't make their goal (didn't even make it to their drop off location), it's an incredible story about what they went through and how they made it out and about obedience, loyalty, and following orders. 

I snapped this picture on our drive home. Poor Nora, looks like her mom when she sleeps :). We all had a wonderful trip and loved our time with family. 

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