Monday, November 21, 2016

Selfie's and artists in the making

Each week when I go through pictures on my phone, I almost always find many selfies, usually taken by Elisabeth or Annabelle. 

This one isn't actually a selfie, but Annabelle kept taking pictures of me while I was reading.
I LOVE this selfie video I found of Annabelle. There's not really any sound because I think she was trying to be quiet so she wouldn't get caught messing with my phone :). 

Annabelle left sweet notes for her sisters on their beds this week.
I checked out a few books from the library for Charles on how to draw dinosaurs because he's been drawing them a lot lately and it was fun to see him and the girls follow the step by step instructions (I made a T-Rex too which was super fun; and it looked pretty good, but one of the kids took it and I couldn't find it for the picture). Annabelle and Nora drew the stegasauras
And Charles drew this one

Have I mentioned before how much I love the library? It's amazing!

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