Friday, November 25, 2016

Planking, food and decorating for Christmas

Scott saw a picture of people planking on top of one another so of course we had to try it :). 
If we had more people at home at the time, we would've tried to get the planks even higher, but as it was, all the big kids were at their various extracurricular activities so we only had the four of us home: three to plank and one to take the picture.
Nora and I made a new muffin recipe this week: peanut butter banana. It was so yummy! I will share it soon on my food blog.
We had one box down in the unfinished basement that I hadn't unpacked because it's mostly long term food storage supplies, but I unpacked it this week and Nora used the box to make a 'tunnel' in which she set up a bed and took a nap :). 

Elisabeth and Annabelle both had friends over Saturday and Elisabeth and her friend Sydney made caramel popcorn, and then Annabelle asked if her and Annika could make snickerdoodles. Which is fine with me because being in the kitchen and baking is sort of 'my thing' so it was a good time had by all :).
Saturday morning we set up the Christmas trees(the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so a little earlier than most years), and Saturday evening, after dinner and once the boys were back from the BYU football game, we hung the ornaments on the trees. We had two this year: this is the 'homemade tree' that has all the kids ornaments plus our vacation ornaments and all our random ones.
And this is our 'Christ tree', which is a new tree that a friend in Colorado had given to us before we left (thanks rach!). It's 9 feet tall but we only have an 8 foot ceiling, so we just left out the bottom tier and it worked out perfectly. On this tree we have white lights, silver beads and a dozen matching stars that have different names for the Savior on each star (ie redeemer, living water, bread of life, Lord of Lords etc). 

I LOVE Christmas! All the lights and the Christmas music make me so happy!

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