Friday, November 11, 2016

Mom HW, Library Sheet Music, Living Scriptures, Nora's Primary Teacher, Scripture Basket

"Mom Homework" for anyone who is falling behind or not quite getting it in school. Also, if the kids receive less than 80% on an assignment or test, they have to fix the one's that were incorrect. 
I don't know why we never knew this until just a few weeks ago, but the library carries piano books with sheet music! They have various levels and Elisabeth has been the most excited since she's in a place now where she can sight read just about anything so she was able to try out some Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Annie, Sound of Music and more. 

 Homework and snacks after school.
 Nora and I often spend time cooking up some sort of snack for when the kids get home from school. I'd much rather cook, clean, or read books with Nora, instead of playing barbies so we do this a lot. I think we were making sweet potato muffins.
 Sunday, while Scott and I were doing some food prep together, all the kids went upstairs together for at least 1/2 hour and then they came down together, looking like this and did a five minute performance of the story of Abraham and Isaac. It was awesome! Charles was Abraham, Annabelle was Isaac, Jane was the angel, Nora the ram and Elisabeth the narrator. I took a short video too :).
 Nora's sweet primary teacher brought her over this cake for her 'birthday'. She likes to bring a cake to the kids on their birthdays, but Nora's birthday is not until April which means she won't be her teacher then since she moves up to an older class, and since we didn't move in until July, her teacher felt like she missed it and wanted her to have a cake :). Nora was so happy when they showed up on the porch and announced it was 'a cake for Nora' that she gave her the biggest, strongest hug ever.
 This is our Scripture Basket, which holds a copy of the Book of Mormon for everyone in the family, plus our family principle journal. We pass it around each night and everyone grabs their book and we read together; and someone writes down the principles/lessons we find within the scriptures.

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