Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Nora and I spent most of Halloween at the kids school attending their Halloween festivities and parties so we both got dressed up, me and Professor McGonagall and Nora as Rainbow Dash. Their parade started at 930am which we were there for, 

 and then Annabelle had her party at 1030am which we attended and I ran an activity. We went home for lunch and came back about an hour and a half later for Charles' class Halloween party, of which I am the room mom so I did a lot, and once we finished up with that we went to Jane's Halloween party until school ended. For Charles' party we played Halloween Bingo, they did a Halloween craft and we did the toilet paper mummy game (and we did a halloween pictionary on the dry erase board since the mummy game went so fast). In the future I'll probably do Halloween pictionary, Halloween scattegories, and bingo plus a craft.
That night Maddie and Abby came over and helped Elisabeth hand out candy to the neighbors, while Scott and I took Jane and Nora out. Charles went with his friend Beau and Annabelle went with a few friends her age. We let them have whatever they wanted that night, then they each picked about 10 to save for the weekends. With the remaining candy, we froze a lot of the chocolate which we'll use for stockings, and then we took a lot of the other candy and saved it for gingerbread houses (thanks Lindsay for the idea! Brilliant!); and we did throw some away.

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