Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Crazy hair day, learning to read, protecting food, kids in kitchen, halloween recital, haunted races

The kids had Crazy Hair Day at elementary school last week. We had some fun coming up with some crazy do's! 

I learned about this book from a friends instagram post and decided to check it out from our local library and take Nora through the lessons. 
She's 4 and we mostly do at-home preschool stuff (she has another preschool she goes to for an hour and  half a couple of times a week, but it's free and with younger friends and we often have to miss, so we always do 15 minutes of one-on-one school time at home each day as well.) She can knows all her letters and sounds, can write most all upper and lower case, can write her name, and we do some numbers too and now, with the help of this book, we're working on putting sounds together to make words. She doesn't love school time but most people don't love to work but we do it anyway :). And she knows once she's done with her lesson (which takes about 15 min), she can have some free time so that helps with the motivation. 

I often find notes like this taped to food that someone wants saved for themselves. It's usually Charles who leaves notes on things like the last of the granola that says, "saved for Charles" etc, so I thought it was funny when I saw this note protecting Annabelle's food (leftover enchiladas)that she wanted to bring for lunch the following day :).

I've been making these Teff wraps for lunch recently (I found them at Sprouts), and I'll often fill them with tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, and then sometimes sprouts or beans and hummus. 

Here's the menu for last week. Notice I have a kids name next to each meal which means it's their day to help me in the kitchen with dinner. I schedule them on a day when they're least busy so that we're not setting ourselves up for failure. 
Here's Annabelle helping me make Hawaiin Haystacks (which we changed last minute because we had lots of leftover rice and quinoa we needed to use). 

Elisabeth had her Halloween piano recital last Friday night so I went with Annabelle and Charles, while Scott took Nora and Jane to pick up their race bibs in Provo. Most of our recitals are at music stores so it was fun to have it at someone's house this year.

Here's our gypsy! She wanted me to buy her a costume but I told her that when I was younger, I often had to come up with my own using what I had at home around the house and I suggested she do the same. So we looked around on Pinterest and felt like we could come up with the makings for a gypsy costume and I think it turned out wonderfully! 

Saturday morning was the Haunted Half in Provo which Scott ran! It was his first half marathon and he did great. He finished in 2:1:57; he was hoping for a little faster time but he was having a lot of pain in a toe after mile 8 and had to ease up a bit, but that's still a great time running a 9:19 pace.

An hour after Scott started his half, Charles and Elisabeth ran a 5k at the same Haunted race. They did great finishing at 32:34 for Elisabeth and  33:01 for Charles.
Once Scott and the kids were all done it was time for the 1/2 mile kids course which Annabelle, Jane and Nora did.
And they loved it! They also loved that they got t-shirt, gloves, bags, and medals!
I took one for the team and sat this one out because someone needed to stay with the children while Scott ran :), and I was happy to do it. 

Nice job family! 

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