Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Becca and Bella visit

Becca and Bella came to visit this past week! They got in Wednesday evening and took off again Sunday morning after Sacrament meeting. The kids had a sleepover every night with Bella (which was always contingent upon them sleeping well the night before).
Thursday I sang in a funeral for a dear lady who was the leader of our book club, so I was gone for a couple of hours, and then we mostly just hung out the rest of that day. Friday we went to Salt Lake City and hiked Ensign Peak, then we went to Temple Square to see the updated history museum, and then we met Scott for lunch at Wheeler Farm. 

Temple Square

 On the way home we stopped at Sprouts for some grocery's, so we didn't make it home until around 3pm, and we'd left at 930am, so everyone was pretty tired and ready to just hang out at home for the rest of the day.
 Saturday morning Scott and I went for a 6.2 mile run (we finished in 50 minutes so about 8 minute miles, just a little over), and then Becca and I went to a yoga class at my gym, which was so relaxing. We watched Charles' flag football game at noon and later that afternoon we went to Gardener Village's Witchfest, and Elisabeth and Charles each brought a friend. They had a scavenger hunt sheet we'd printed out at home, with a list of about 20 different statue witches they were supposed to find, and once they found them all they could turn in their sheet at the bakery and get a cookie for 50 cents (normally 1.50). They all enjoyed being on a witch hunt, and we enjoyed going during the day, way more than last year when we went at night! At night the environment is a lot less family-friendly with it's very loud music, lots of teens and adults decked out in costumes and kind of scary, and SUPER crowded so much so that we lost the kids once even though we were being very diligent; it's just you were brushing arms with people everywhere you went it was that crowded, and then the noise on top of it just made it a little insane. But this day-time adventure was a lot more fun.

 That night Becca and I went out to dinner at Omar's Rawtopia restaurant. Becca has been vegan and gluten-free for a long time but just over the past couple of weeks has been doing all raw foods, so this was pretty exciting! She doesn't have any raw food restaurants in Idaho and it was fun for her to be able to try all different dishes. We ended up sharing all of our dishes which included hummus sushi rolls, a falafel salad, and crackers with a dip, and we finished it off with these three raw yummy desserts: pumpkin pie (becca's fave), berry cheesecake (my fave) and vanilla pudding.
Thanks for coming! 

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