Monday, October 17, 2016

AC Fall piano recital

Jane had a couple of friends over after school last Friday and they were tumbling and dancing down our front entry way.
At the end of each day, we gather in the living room where we read scriptures together and pray. Nora fell asleep during our scripture reading time, with this pencil in her hand and her scriptures are tucked under that blanket :).
Charles and Annabelle had their Fall piano recital which was made up of duets. Annabelle played Celebration and Cinnamon Popcorn. Charles played Sonatina for Two and Rhythm and Boogie. 

Our neighbor friend Stormy hung out with us Tuesday and Thursday this week while her parents were both working. She went to a nursery class with Nora Tuesday while I attended some classes on strengthening marriage and family, and then she was able to join Nora in her preschool class on Thursday. We had a couple of free ice cream cone coupons for chick-fil-a (that we've had for months), and so we went over there after Nora's dance class (Stormy and I did some grocery shopping at sprouts during dance). 

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