Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trees, Raingutter Regatta, Annabelle's Art, N Dance

We planted 11 trees this week, 9 on Labor day and 2 another day. Six of the trees were babies which only took about 2 hours for all six but then each of the other big trees each took about an hour a piece. We were so tired and sore by the end of Labor day; when we dug our last hole that day I was literally on my knees as we dug because my body was exhausted and my hands and forearms were sore for the next two days. Whew! I had no idea how much work was involved with planting trees and digging large holes (especially in our rocky Utah soil)! 
 Most of the trees are evergreens. We wanted some along the back fence that we green all year round so that we had privacy all year round since the houses behind us are a bit too close. We planted 2 Leland Cypress, 2 Arborvitae (my granny dorothy and grandpa fred had a bunch of these in their yard), 6 junipers and 1 emerald city tulip which is a shade tree for the front yard. We'll be planting one more very large juniper that a friend is giving us from their house.

 Charles had his raingutter regatta this week and he won one and lost one.
 I loved this art work that Annabelle did for her 'caldecott medal' book report this week. She's such an artist!
The newly transplanted trees need to be watered every day, the bigger ones need 5 gallons, so Nora has been my helper and each morning after we get the kids off to school we go out and water all our trees which takes about 15 minutes. 

 Nora also started preschool with an old neighbor friend this week (TWTH from 10-1130, free of charge, we just help pay for supplies) and a few other kids from the neighborhood. We also signed her up for a ballet and tap class with a couple of her friends which she loves!

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