Sunday, September 25, 2016

The baby of the family, C finished Book of Mormon

I never got why the "baby" of the family was spoiled, but now I think I understand. When it's just me and Nora all day everyday, it's easy/convenient/inexpensive to say 'yes' to anything and everything. "Mom, can we go to Cafe Rio for lunch?" Love to! "Can we go to the park and library?" Yep. "Can I do preschool (even though none of our other kids did)?" Why not. "And dance class?" Sure honey. "And can you buy me this Rainbow Dash pony costume since we're at Costco and they have it?" I suppose since you mostly get hand-me-downs, poor girl. 

Here's what a typical monthly calendar looks like for a family of 7, which is busy, busy!
We're so proud of Charles who finished reading the Book of Mormon this week! He chose to have his celebratory dinner date with mom and dad at Smash Burger.

Even though Nora is going to a preschool right now, I also still have her work on her letter and numbers at home with me. Over the past couple of weeks she has learned how to write her full name: Nora Margaret Smith. Good job Nora!

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