Monday, September 12, 2016

St George

Our friends the Hansen's invited us to stay in their parents vacation home with them over the Labor Day weekend in St. George. We got there Friday night and we let the kids swim in the pool for a bit before they went to bed. Saturday morning Elisabeth and I got up at 6 and went to the St George temple (which is the first temple where people did ordinances for the dead). 
There was hardly anyone in there so we got right in and got to work. It was beautiful and peaceful and perfect. Look at that gorgeous sky!
After we got back to the house we packed up some lunches and headed to Snow Canyon where we went on a couple of hikes. 

After the hikes we came home for a couple of hours so the little ones could nap. Some of the big kids went for a swim and some of us watched the new Jungle Book movie.
After, we went to the children's museum for about an hour and then had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We ended the night with the girls watching the old Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie and the boys watching the BYU football game. The game didn't actually start until 830 and our movie finished by 9ish and then some of us went to bed because we were tired from our later night the night before.
Sunday we went to sacrament meeting at a ward in the area and then we came home for lunch and then went to visit Brigham Youngs home and then to the visitors center at the St George temple. I loved this prayer stool by Brigham Youngs bed that he'd kneel on when praying.

We made a couple of frozen lasagnas and salad for dinner and then our family took off for home around 6pm. Nora fell asleep around 7 and slept the rest of the car ride home. It was a nice weekend getaway before we had to get up early and work again, planting a bunch of trees in our yard on Labor day! Thanks Hansen's for inviting us!

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