Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Preschool and HW in the kitchen

When the kids went back to school I started doing preschool time with Nora every day for about 20 minutes(I tried getting her into this preschool on a farm but it was full so we're on a wait list...and I've never done preschool with any of our other children before). We mostly worked on letter recognition and writing letters. She got pretty good at writing her first name, though we're still working on the last name. About a week into it I got a message from our old next door neighbor who lives two miles down the road, saying she wanted to do a preschool at her house, Tuesday through Thursday, for an hour and a half each morning, for free and asked if Nora would want to come (she was an early childhood elementary teacher for a couple years). This would be perfect and it would keep Nora connected with some old friends, so we've switched to that now, though I'm sure we'll continue to write our letters at home too, especially on Mondays and Fridays when we don't have school. 
 I love this picture of the kids after school. I love how they all gather together in the kitchen and great room to study each afternoon. I'm always in the kitchen during this time as well, usually helping them with homework and working on dinner. They're gone for 7 hours of the day at school so I like them near me once they're home.
Here's Nora playing with her friend Skylee, who is in our neighborhood now, and who was our old next door neighbor until last year when they moved here before us, and then we followed ;). 

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