Monday, September 26, 2016

Jane teeth pulled, Webelo leader and EQ 1st counselor

Jane had a big tooth fully come in, leaning back, behind two baby teeth. Those two baby teeth were not wiggly at all so the dentist wanted to pull them which he did this past week. Here's a picture of the teeth, which, as you can see, the roots were not dissolving at all. 
They gave her some laughing gas so she wouldn't get anxious, then they numbed her and pulled them. She was watching a movie as they did it all and didn't even know they'd pulled the teeth until I told it was time to go and she said, "did they pull the teeth yet?" and we told her that he had. 

Afterward I took the girls to Jamba Juice which I'd told Jane we'd do as a little incentive to sit nicely during the appointment. I got this pitaya bowl which is something my mom told me about and it was so yummy. It's granola with pitaya (super fruit) and some other fruit and coconut. 

 I was called a couple of weeks ago, along with Scott, to be a webelo den leader(10 year old boys). We have around 20 webelos in our ward so they have split them up into two groups and we're over one of the groups. And within a week Scott was called into the Elder's Quorum presidency....this has happened the past 4 wards we've been in :), that Scott gets called into EQ almost immediately, and three times now it's been after we've been called to scouts :). I've never stayed long enough in scouts to know much, but I think they're going to keep me in and get me a partner to work with so I should be learning more and I think it'll be fun.

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