Friday, September 16, 2016

Dream, J date, piano duets, BYU football

I have a friend that lives in south jordan who I see probably a couple of times a year, and we message about that often as well. She's the same age as me, has 6 kids, her husband is the bishop plus he works for the church and often travels to south america, so she's busy! Anyway, I don't usually remember dreams, there have been a couple of times where I've had a meaningful dream with a message or something for me, but mostly I don't remember even having dreams. Early Thursday morning I had a dream that this friend needed me to babysit her kids. The feeling was so strong and the message so clear that when I woke up at my normal 515-530ish am time, I immediately told Scott about the dream and told him I'd try and contact her soon and see if she needed my help. Then I went on to study my scriptures but as I read I kept thinking that I needed to contact her soon so I finished. I felt like it was too early but finally around 630am I sent her a text message saying that I'd been thinking about her and that if she needed a babysitter today, tomorrow or next week or whenever to let me know because most of the kids are in school now and I'm pretty free; and that if she didn't need help we should still get together soon. I didn't want to sound crazy but texting at 630 in the morning offering to babysit sounded a little that way, but I knew I needed to do this. 

Once I sent that message off, I went downstairs to exercise and after a short time I heard my phone making noises and when I checked she had responded saying that the following morning her 8 year old daughter needed to go into the hospital for eye surgery and that if I was available that would be helpful, and an answer to prayer. I later told her about the dream and we both felt grateful and amazed at the goodness of the Lord and his watchful care. 
 September is Jane's date month with mom and dad and she choose to eat breakfast at Kneaders (which I'd never done before but always wanted too because I heard they had yummy bottomless french toast) and then she wanted to get some booties that she could wear inside of her church shoes. So that's what we did.

All three of the oldest kids are working on duets right now for recitals that are coming up soon. I love hearing them play!
 Elisabeth is doing this cool piano quartet to the song, "don't stop believin'" by journey. You can watch it below:

 Saturday night was the BYU football game which we watched with the Ludwig and Wilcox family. It was fun to watch our boys, who are now at an age where they are totally enthralled with watching the game :).

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