Monday, September 19, 2016

Backyard Work

When we bought this house, there were a couple of projects we wanted to do: 1) finish the basement 2) paint a couple of walls (check!) 3) put in new carpet (check!)  and 4) backyard landscaping including putting in a patio and planting trees. We decided to start on the outdoor work while the weather is still nice. We wanted a back patio that went the length of the house and since we had all this really nice rock along the back of one side, we decided to shovel it into buckets and save it for a firepit. Shoveling all that rock took a couple of hours with all of us working on it. 
 Next we dug out the sod for an 11x11 foot square for the fire pit area. That was a lot more work than what we'd originally thought :). But that's okay; it's character building.
Once the fire pit area was cleared we brought the buckets of rock over and just let them hang out for about a week until we got the fire ring and cement blocks in from home depot. 

My good friends neighbor does concrete so we hired him to come and do the cement patio. He came in with his bobcat no a Monday, tore it all up, laid down gravel and by Friday it was all done! 

We all loved watching him work the bobcat. 

 Though it did a number on our grass. At least it wasn't a huge area and I think most of it should come back to life on it's own through time.

 Thursday morning he had some guys come in with him, early, to lay down the cement which took about 2 hours.

Friday he did some cutting and in the morning and then it was done! 

Saturday we had all of our supplies in for the fire pit so we spent a few hours out back putting that together. We'd like to build some benches, but that might need to wait until a future day. For now we can use camping chairs. I always underestimate the time I'm going to be spending working outside on projects and so true to form, I go sunburned on my face, ears and neck which made for a very warm evening :). Whoops! 

And now we're waiting on the sprinkler guys to come and finish what Scott and I started when we tried to redo the sprinklers ourselves after we had to move them from where we put down the patio :). 

Next up on the list will be the basement, and that's going to be a very long, big project, and who knows when it'll be done, but we're hoping in around about a year if we (meaning mostly scott) work hard. 

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