Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Aspen Grove Marriage Getaway (with Hank Smith)

Last weekend I surprised Scott with a Marriage Getaway at Aspen Grove (Provo Canyon). I bought the tickets 5 months prior and knew he'd see a charge on the card so I told him I had a surprise date in September and then just left it at that. A few weeks before, I told him he'd need to be home by 130 on Friday the 23rd and not to ask any questions. He did good. I gave him all the details the night before we left as I wanted him to be able to pack his own bag since it was an overnighter. I made sure things were covered at home, kids had rides to their various activities, and that we had a sitter come to stay the night(thanks Brittany Scott!), and then we were off by 2pm Friday afternoon. We checked in at 3 and went down and found our cabin. We had a cabin to ourselves though we shared a bathroom with other cabins. 
We dropped our things and went for a hike up Steward Falls. It drizzled the whole time but that didn't stop us; I'm from Seattle, where we did everything in the rain! 

It was absolutely gorgeous! I loved seeing all the changing colors!

It was a 4 mile hike and took a little over an hour. We came back, put on dry clothes, and went over to the game room where we played foosball with a couple we just met, and then we played a game of ping pong. Dinner was served at 615 so we headed over to the dining hall after our games for dinner (dinner, breakfast and lunch were all included); we got to meet quite a few different couples during meals as we ate together at big circular tables. 

At the marriage getaways, they have a more well-known LDS speaker come and do several 1 hour classes on strengthening marriage and family. When I signed up all those months ago I was so pleased to find out we'd get Hank Smith as our speaker! We have several of his cds (he's hilarious and always teaches a good message) and my kids LOVE him. Because it was a smaller group with only maybe 250 people, we got to visit with him and his wife which was fun. Here's Scott with Hank Smith. 

Scott and I made a goal at the end of the last session to have more positive interactions at home. We have a lot of great, positive interactions already, but we'd like more. So that's what we're working on now. The other night I called the kids in for family prayer and scripture study (they were out playing the backyard) and I said, "Hey kids, come in for prayer and a positive experience!" They were like, "Huh?" Scott and I chuckled to ourselves :). So far so good!
 Saturday morning Scott and I went on a six mile jog up and down the alpine loop. It was our first experience running up a mountain. It was hard but awesome! It drizzled the whole time which reminded me of home in Seattle, and when we got higher up, it was snowing! So gorgeous!
We really didn't notice all the beauty going up the climb because we were so focused on just getting up the steep mountain. It wasn't until we were on our way back down, when it was a million times easier, that we were really able to appreciate all of God's creations. Which is a lot like life in general. It's sometimes hard to see the beauty and the blessings until after we've passed through a hard trial or challenge. And it makes us stronger which is a wonderful thing!
Saturday before we took off, I did the ropes course. Scott wasn't feeling up to it and I think he was a little worried about getting back to the kids on time, so he decided to pass.
It was fun, and a little scary at the same time. I got to do a little rock climbing which was nice because it'd been awhile since our last climb.

We had a wonderful weekend and are hoping to do this again sometime.

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