Monday, August 1, 2016

Swim lessons, girls camp

The kids had their last week of their, 2-week swim lesson session this week and they all improved! It was nice and comforting to see them get more and more comfortable in the water. Some of them still have a long ways to go, but they'll get there. Elisabeth missed 3 of the 4 last lessons because she went to her second girls camp, this time with our new ward. 
 The girls camp she went to 2 weeks ago with our previous ward was a stake girls camp, and she said she preferred this ward girls camp, probably because it was more intimate and relaxing when it was just with their smaller group. I was able to come up the last evening of girls camp (it was a 2 hour drive but it was really important to elisabeth, especially since she was the new girl in the ward) and I ate dinner with them and hung out for a bit before Elisabeth and I drove back home. I thought the timing of this camp was perfect with our move because it threw all the girls together for a week, 24 hours a day, so she was forced to get to know all of them pretty well, and in a short amount of time. She said she made lots of new friends.
 This girls camp was at someone in our wards cabin where they own quite a bit of land. They were able to hike, boat in the pond and play at a small river.

 While grandma was here she did some online shopping with the kids and let them each pick something out which they thought was the coolest! Their items arrived this week, all choose either shoes or clothes.
 I took this picture of Charles room just after he deep cleaned it. He's supposed to put things away and make his bed every day and then deep clean on Saturday, but during the week he does not do a great job about putting things away and his bed usually looks like he just threw the top blanket over multiple mounds of things. So this past Saturday, once he'd deep cleaned his room, I got my camera and took a picture which I'm going to show him often so he can remember what his room is supposed to look like :).

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