Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mud Room

In our new-to-us house, there is a spot for a mudroom just off the garage door and kitchen. But there wasn't anything in the mudroom, just 3 walls. So I pinned several pictures on pinterest and showed them to Scott and he went to work! (Love this man! Such a hard worker and creative and good and just wonderful all around!). Here is the the 'before' I took just as he was starting out in the project:
 And here is the 'after': (I bought the baskets on top from Ikea which I use to hold my purse and things like that, and the shoe crates I bought from Walmart and painted white). This project took a few days of work, mostly half days or an hour or two here or there cutting, measuring etc. I did all the painting and spent about an hour on it for several days, maybe a week. I love the way it turned out; thanks Scott!

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