Monday, August 29, 2016

Kids back at school

The Saturday before the kids went back to school we wanted to do something fun so we went to the Classic Fun Center for skating and water slides. 

We sang this song Sunday, which I've song many times before, but this time I actually paid attention to the words and the message and it touched my heart, so I took a picture of it to help me remember.

 Monday the kids had their 'back to school' night where we could find their classrooms and meet their teachers. Annabelle's third grade teacher loves Harry Potter and has her room decorated with floating lights, a 9 3/4 entrance, and all sorts of other Harry Potter things.

 Elisabeth is in 7th grade which means we have a child in Junior High! Even with our move, she's able to attend the same Junior High which is nice for her because it means she's with all her friends. This young woman is a joy in our home.
 Charles is in the fifth grade, and though he had to move elementary schools this year, he's tall, athletic and kind so I don't think he'll have trouble making friends.

Annabelle is in the third grade. She's our cheerful, and spunky little girl.
Jane started the first grade which means it's her first year going to school full-time. She has done well so far and doesn't seem to have any complaints. 

It's just me and Nora at home now. We miss them. The house is a lot quieter, and it stays a lot cleaner, which is nice, but we miss having them around. 
 She's my buddy and helps me clean in the mornings,
and one day this week we ran errands to Costco and Sprouts and afterwards had a lunch date at Cafe Rio, 

and she helps me cook in the late afternoons. 

After lunch each day she'll work on some puzzles 

and then we have school time for about 15 minutes. 

 Once the kids leave for school we walk around tidying the house and when I walked into Charlie's closet, I found that he'd made a 'man cave' (or at least that's what Nora told me that he calls it). Pillows, blanket, Calvin and Hobbes books and even a little box of food :).

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