Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Crazy kids, Annabelle date night, Cottage Cheese Pancakes

I was doing airplanes on my feet with Nora the other day and then all of my kids wanted a turn :). Charles is the heaviest at 80 lbs, but it was easy :). 
Elisabeth took these pictures of the girls one day while she was babysitting which I thought were cute. Elisabeth babysits for us whenever we need/want and we pay her a flat $20/month, 10% of which goes to tithing, and she saves about half of it...well and actually, she's saving all of it this year because she's trying to earn enough money to go to piano camp next summer which is $600. She has been very diligent and good about saving so far and has about 1/3 of that saved already.

This is what happens when you have a boy living in your house. He was apparently, jumping down the stairs and his knee hit this wall coming down :/, which seems a little odd to me, but odd and unlikely things do happen.
Annabelle's date month is in August (and February), and she choose to see the BFG at the theater. We went on a Tuesday when it's $5 for tickets at the movies.
Each of my kids are assigned to help me with dinner once a week, and on this particular day I had help from both Elisabeth and Jane as we made Cottage Cheese pancakes. These, are so good! You can find that recipe here.

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