Saturday, August 27, 2016

BYU Education Week with Mom and Luis

Luis flew in late Sunday night, and mom came with me to the airport to pick him up. We all loved our time with mom and Luis. The kids always tried to get them to do a game with them or just sit and visit. Monday classes started at 830am and went til 4pm. I went all day that day with mom and Luis but then mostly did evenings so that the kids weren't home all day without me, every day. Elisabeth and Charles did the babysitting, but really Annabelle is quite helpful as well, and we don't have any little babies and so they all kinda just do their own thing and take care of themselves which is nice. But it's nice to have mom around, reminding children to do their chores and to be kind :). 
 Here we are in the Wilkinson Center eating lunch. Tuesday and Wednesday night they stayed with my mom's brother Fred who lives near BYU and works on BYU campus so they could spend some time with them (and I think also so that I wouldn't have to drive back and forth so much since it's a 45 minute drive one way).

I attended classes on various topics including marriage, parenting, stress, meditating, time management, nutrition, cooking and more.  

In my stress class with Miller, he said that James E Faust, if asked to do something or speak somewhere when his schedule was already full he would say, "That's touching my plimsoll line, so I'll have to say no, not this time." and then he would explain that just like a ship has a plimsoll line marked at the bottom to show when their was enough weight and you shouldn't add more, so we have plimsoll lines and we don't want to sink. 
I was able to hear some old favorites like John Bytheway, 

 Chef Brad,

and Hank Smith. I also loved Brad Pearce who was a professional tennis player and he taught a class on teaching your children to be mentally tough and resilient. I hope he comes back again next year. 
 This girl and the rest of the kids, did so well on the evenings when I was away (of course Scott came home after a couple of hours), and on Friday when I was gone all day.
 The house was always spotless when I got home, and Scott said that's exactly how it looked when he got home. He appreciated their help so much that he took them out to dinner, by himself, one night :).
I also loved the stress class by Kevin Miller (the one mentioned above with the plimsoll line). I love the quote below and the scripture:

 During that week, I went jogging with Luis one morning and he reminded me of the benefit of having your kids, and he thought in particular Charles, run with me in the mornings. Charles and Elisabeth did that with me quite a bit in June as we were preparing for the 5k race over the 4th of July, but then they both sorta stopped. I asked them if they'd be interested in starting up again and Charles did, so he's been going with me a couple mornings a week. One day last week we ran a mile to this ramp and then ran up and down this ramp as fast as we could several times. It's about the closest thing we have to a hill nearby and we wanted to get some 'hill repeats' in so I think we'll be doing this again.
 Wednesday night I stayed home so that I could get Elisabeth to her piano lesson and see Charlie's last flag football game for the season. And he scored a touchdown! Way to go Charles! He loved it and I'm sure he'll be doing it again.
 Oh and here's the update on my toenail that died and fell off from running :). It surprisingly, doesn't hurt.
 Luis and my mom didn't stay for the evenings of BYU ed week because they were there all day and it didn't finish until 930pm so they were tired, but Thursday they picked me up on campus (with Luann and Fred) and we went to dinner at Guru. My mom got a salmon salad and I tried a piece of salmon! My first time ever. It was okay. I'm a vegetarian because mostly, I don't like the taste of meat, or the thought of it, but it wasn't that bad. I don't think I'd ever get a whole meal to myself with salmon but I'd be willing to have a bite sometimes. They dropped me back off at BYU and once I finished my classes at 930, I picked up Luis and my mom and we dropped Luis off at the airport and headed back to my house.
 I found this note from Annabelle in my bathroom one night when I got home:
 The children were so good and sweet and I missed them, but was so happy I was able to attend these classes which I know, are making me a better mother and person in general. I've picked a couple of things I want to work on and so far, so good. I'm wanting to be more like Jesus, and I love this quote below of what I'd like to be when it comes keeping your inner calm and peace:

With a family of 7, our lives get very full and scheduled and busy and if I'm not careful and prioritizing and really thinking about what's important here, I can get caught up in it all, doing 20 things at once with my 'robes flying' and feel a little crazy and a lot less peaceful and like a loving mother. I'm working on this by taking a few minutes each morning, during my prayer and scripture study time, to meditate. First I spend a couple of minutes just deep breathing and focusing on my breath, pushing all thoughts away. Then I continue to breath deeply, but now I think of common scenarios when I'm might normally be stressed, flustered, rushed, impatient etc and I visualize myself in that scenario, responding in a more christ-like way. This has been so helpful for me, and it works! My other goal is in marriage, and that's to make the departures and arrivals more important/big. Some days, Scott gets home and I'm busy switching laundry or cooking dinner and I don't even notice he's home for a couple of minutes and then it's like, "Oh, hi hon. How was your day?" and a small kiss and back I go to my task. Does he feel important to me and missed when I respond in that way? I don't know, I've never asked, but I know I wouldn't feel that way and so I'm working harder at making his departures and arrivals a little more important and fun :) because that's what I'd want.

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