Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bike parking, and Friday Fun: peach lemonade

I normally have a friend I share a carpool with each week for elementary but Friday we told the kids we could ride bikes to school. The bike cage was chaos! It it was too small for the amount of bikes that come in and so kids even parked their bikes all around the outside of the cage. Hopefully we can get that changed while we're here. 
 We always look forward to Fridays when Scott and the kids are home for the weekend, so we will usually have a treat and do something fun as a family. This past Friday we made peach lemonade (stevia sweetened which has zero impact on blood sugar and is all natural, from a plant) and air popped popcorn.
 We played games that night and Saturday we went swimming and then Scott and I went on a double date with the Hansen's to an Uplift Families, Parenting conference and the kids watched a movie.

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