Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Road Trip to WA; Grazzini Family Reunion

A little over a week after we got home from our camping trip to Grand and Bryce Canyon, we got back in the van for another road trip, this time to Washington. We do this trip every summer so we've gotten pretty good at it. Now that Becca, my sister, lives in Idaho, it's a nice, nearly half way, stopping point to rest. We packed all three kindles, the mp3 player and 2 dvd players, plus we listened to 2 audio books: Shannon Hales, Princess Academy Palace of Stone and on the way home we listened to Holes. And I know I've said this before, but my absolute favorite time to drive is early in the morning. We often leave around 3am and it's dark, quiet, the roads are clear and it's cool outside so we don't have to run the AC, no traffic and the kids are restful. 
Our first leg we did not leave early though because Scott still had to work for most of the day. But we only had to make it to Becca's house which is a little over 5 hours. We stayed the night and the next morning I went for an early morning jog with Becca and then Scott jogged, I cut his hair, and we ran to kinkos to send off some important documents to our realtor, and we were on the road by around 9 that morning. We only needed to make it to the tricities that day for our Grazzini family reunion, which is about a 4 and 1/2 hour drive from Becca's. We have this reunion every other Summer in the tricities which is where they were all raised and where two of the 6 children still live.
All of the out-of-towner Grazzini family members stayed at an awesome hotel in Richland that was perfect for this kind of thing. We had lots of large gathering places to hang out; there was the pool, the pool table and ping pong table in the billiard room, the theater room which just had a big tv and lots of couches, and we rented a large room in the hotel for a day which had a large kitchen, table and couches to sit. 

I was so happy that Stephany was able to join us from Mexico! She came to visit about 5 years ago, she stayed with my parents for a few months and came to visit us in Utah for a couple of weeks, and we just love her dearly. She was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints during that first visit and she's active and even stronger now than she was then!

Saturday was mostly hanging out at the pool, eating and visiting and my sisters, mom, aunt, Stephany and I went for a walk in the evening. Sunday morning we all ate breakfast together and then some of us went to church and afterwards we met at aunt Jolene's house for lunch and a talent show. 

My cousin Jack took the kids for rides in their boat and he let Charles row. They also had a couple kayaks that the older kids took out.
My mom and her siblings worked on creating a timeline with stories and events from their growing up years that Jolene is going to keep working on and get typed up for everyone to have.
Before the talent show while the kids were practicing, Elisabeth brought out a duet she recently got from her teacher and we asked Cait (my cousins daughter) if she'd try and sight read the other part of the duet just for fun. It's a fun song and they played it well. 

For the talent show, Elisabeth and Annabelle played a duet,
Charles played "Go the Distance", a few other of my cousins kids played some songs, my mom told a true account of a story from her history that taught her to trust in the Lord and follow promptings,
My uncle Fred played and sang,
Nello played,
And my family did a musical number to "Be My Forever" by Christina Perri and Ed Sheeran. My sister took a video so you can watch that here:

Here is my mom with her siblings. They are in age order, oldest to youngest from left to right. My mom is the oldest then Nello, Fred, Charmaine, Jolene and Jill.
And a group shot.

Savannah and Jack
Robin, Ellen, Brian and Kalia

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