Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Local Move

Ever since we moved back to our house in Utah that we were renting out while we were in Colorado for those nearly 2 years, we've been updating it while looking at homes in the area online. We thought we'd keep that house for a couple more years while we worked on projects(we were outgrowing it, especially the kitchen), but we finished our last major project in May, about a year after we moved back, and started looking more at houses, attending open houses and such and the market was so hot, so good for sellers and good for buyers because of the really low interest rates, that we decided to look with a realtor. If you sell and buy with this particular realtor, they don't charge commission for the sale, which was a draw because it'd save us thousands. Anyway, we started looking in June and we went out a few times looking at multiple houses, all kind of in this area, and we still thought maybe next year, until we walked through one particular house that we fell in love with. It was in our price range, and it had recently dropped in price which meant they priced it a little high at first and didn't sell so it was on the market for around 40 days when we saw it which was good for us because we could go in a little lower and ask for some inclusions (like the fridge, the barstools and the closing costs). We came home and prayed and talked and looked at a couple more houses, but still felt like that one was it. So we put our house on the market the following weekend and at the same time put an offer on the house we loved.

The first day we started showing our home we had 2 full price offers. The second day we had two more and the third day, which was Saturday, we decided to not show it and to just decide between the four offers we received, but someone still came to the house to look at it and they offered above full price. So we did a 'give us your best by the next day' addendum and we ending up not going with the highest offer (someone came in 10k more) but with one that was still higher than what we'd asked, plus they allowed us to rent the house back for 20 days for free, and they paid for closing costs etc. We also wanted to help them out because they are an older couple whose home was being taken by Udot for road widening and they lived really close by and wanted to stay in that same general area near family and friends so it was a win for both. And because they were an older couple who already had their home paid off, they could put all that down on the house so it took away some stress from us because we didn't have to worry about the appraisal coming in high enough. They also didn't ask us to fix or pay for anything which was nice and which we've heard is more common in older buyers.

We did some negotiating on the home we wanted to buy and we ended up coming in a little lower and getting those inclusions I mentioned above, plus they gave us a credit to buy a new water heater which was needed (which is weird because the house was only built in 2009 so you wouldn't think it'd need to be replaced yet, but it really did; the warm water even turned a little brown in color from the rust when we filled up a sink), to fix a garage door (we think it just needs some new tensioners) and we split the cost of putting in a mitigation system after the house was tested for radon and it came in high.

The day we got back from our trip to Washington, Scott and I closed on both homes! This has been a busy couple of months for our family. Earlier when the inspector came to that house, I picked out a new carpet I wanted installed since they had a dog and I didn't love the carpet, and once we closed, we had our new carpet installed! We went with Dream Weaver Soft Harmony, and the color was chime.
Just before we went to Bryce Canyon I started looking for free boxes on KSL (like craigslist) and they go so fast I didn't think I'd be successful, but I'd been praying about it and one morning I felt like I should get on the computer and check and I did and something had come up 10 minutes before and I gave them and was able to get enough free boxes and packaging paper and bubble wrap for our entire move! Most of the boxes were from Home Depot and Lowes which makes it nice for loading the truck up. Poor Nora has been wiped out from all the moving stuff we've been doing lately. 

We closed on a Wednesday, got the keys on a Thursday evening and that night Elisabeth and I went over to the house and painted this one black accent bedroom wall (Charles' room) the same color as the rest of the house. We wanted to get it done that night because the carpet was going to be installed the next morning. So Liz and I were there until 11pm putting on 2 coats of primer and then I came back the next morning at 6am to put on the paint, but we got it done on time and it looks great! 
We were home for a week after Bryce Canyon before we went to Washington and during that week I did a lot of packing; I tried to pack for about an hour a day that week.
Our kitchen looked something like this for days: half empty cupboards, drawers always open so I can see what still needs to go, stuff all over the counters that can be packed now, boxes on the floor, garbage bags full of packaging paper.
Once we closed that Wednesday, we kept on packing and Friday night and Saturday I started taking over my kitchen stuff since that wouldn't be in the way of the carpet guy. I was able to get almost the entire kitchen unpacked that weekend, before we even moved in on Monday night. Monday Scott took the day off and we rented a Budget truck from Home Depot and the Scott's came over and a couple of the neighbor kids (Thanks Brigham, Ben, and Jordan!) and helped us move mostly boxes, plus we moved our fridge (we have 2 now, one for the garage) and we switched the ovens, which we got permission to do before hand from the buyers because I really wanted to keep my double oven. 

That night at 6pm around 15 men/ym came over and helped us load and then unload the truck. It took about 2 hours total and we were so appreciative of all their help. They moved our bball hoop over in the back of Joe's truck which I thought was hilarious, and a little dangerous :). Love these guys! 

 I bought some food (pizza, doughnuts, cookies, fruit and juice) to say thank you. We sure love that neighborhood and that ward and all our friends there that we've known and loved for these past 9 years. They are amazing and we will miss them! But we did not move far, only a couple of miles down the road so we will still see quite a few of them regularly for game nights and book club :). 

Maren came over and took a few pictures of us in front of our old house before we left. 

Charles asked if we could dig up our ginarmous sycamore tree and plant it at our new house. This thing is like 50 feet high so we said no, but we sure love this tree and the shade it brought and the hours of fun it provided our kids and the neighbor kids in climbing on all of it's branches and swinging from it.
As we packed and then moved, I often got into the 30,000 step range on my fit bit because of all the walking and moving...normally I'm in the low 20 thousand range so it's no wonder how exhausted we were by the end. 
 Tuesday, the day after our move, Elisabeth went to girls camp with our old ward, which meant my biggest helper and babysitter was gone for the next 4 days! We missed her but we were glad she was able to go. We took a break from our unpacking and organizing and went to Chick Fil A, dressed up as cows, so that we could have free lunch :). I love their Mexican salad.  I
I finished most of my unpacking and organizing by Wednesday, though I still have a few boxes in the garage and a few down in the basement...mostly with long term food storage. I wanted to have most of it done before Scott's sister and her family arrived the following day from NC. I gave away all our boxes and packaging material, 

 Oh, and our carpet guy mismeasured the carpet needed so we are without carpet on the stairs for a week, which actually turned out being a good thing because the other accent wall we wanted painted was on those steps so we had time to paint and prime it this week, and if we had new carpet in before we moved in, they would've taken a beating Monday night when we had to haul that dolley up and down those stairs many times with the washer, dryer, beds and dressers.
And here's the new home. We love it, we love the location and the extra space and I love the kitchen which is much bigger than our last and which is where life really happens in our home. 

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